How to Approach Publishers with a Book Idea

Addressing publishers with a book idea

However, be warned: very few books are recorded this way. It is also a good idea to attend lectures and festivals where publishers and editors present. I' m gonna make millions on my book. Well, I could keep going, but you know what I mean. From the idea to the finished product, we take the book out into the world.

Address of a publishers

You wrote a book and you want it out there. To where do you submit the typo script? Prior to contacting a publishing house, do your research and find out what companies publish the type of book you have authored. The city' s publics and bookstores and the yearbook of writers and artists are outstanding points of departure.

Don't e-mail or floppy disks to the editor. Authors are expecting a well presented typoscript (sometimes also known as a MS manuscript). Don't think a publishers reads a handwritten article, even if you have a good ltalian screenplay. Repeat this procedure twice and use only one page.

Do not use individual columns - publishers detest them and usually refrain from reading them. Empty rows should only be used to indicate a shift in motif, elapsed object or angle of view. Decide whether you use e.g. -ise or -ize extensions and whether you enter "Dorfsaal" or "Dorfsaal" if "Dorfsaal" is displayed in your text.

For dialogs, use simple spaces, but keep a space between the language of one and the next one. Poetic writing should be written exactly as the verse would appear in a print form, with simple or duplicate spaces and various notches as the poets wish.

You can number your pages (or "folios", as publishers like to call them) from beginning to end. Do not begin every section on the 1st leaflet. Make a cover page for the book with the cover and your name or alias. Do not number these pages or use small numbers from Rome - i, ii, third, etc. - so that the first sheet with an Arabian number is the first page of your text.

Do not use pens (which scratch), paper clips (which hold other paper from a bustling editor's desk) or paper clips (which make reading difficult) when attaching the typoscript. Nearly all publishers choose to edit each of the folios individually, so put the typoscript in a Ballet directory, or more than one if necessary.

Place the book name and your name and your adress on the outside of the bookcase. When you have a buddy who wants to provide artwork for your book, make sure it meets the publication standards before accepting the list. To scare off a children's publishers by proposing an Illustrator - they are happy to do so.

When you haven't received a reply after two month, please write a courteous request; if you don't get a reply, ask for your typo script and try another publishing house. Don't anticipate any grounds for refusal. Publishing houses have no timeframe for publishing not to publish them.

Once your book has been approved for publishing, the publishing house can advise you on this. You will receive a proof from the press at a later date, which you must carefully review. Need writers publishers?

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