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Quote a book in APA format perfectly. Some examples are ebooks, books in print and books from a database. Compile the perfect bibliography in APA format. The books should have an adequate number of articles. All these are justified questions.

Authors and Authors of books

We' re committed to providing many years of dedication to our editing and manufacturing operations, as well as our global distribution and merchandising coverage, to make sure your projects are available and findable for the world. They work with a committed and professional staff to support you in all phases of the lifecycle, from tendering, authoring and producing manuscripts to selling and market.

To maximize your returns according to your book's regional strategy, we evaluate your book according to your regions. This includes: Near-Turn-Conent - These fast-moving, e-leading tools with a printed on-demand option provide a way to bring state-of-the-art, high-quality materials with time-critical information to market faster.

Maior References Works (MRWs) - Our encyclopaedias and extensive encyclopaedias deliver binding and available information and basic information on a variety of issues, particularly those that support interdisciplinary work. The contents of the module are constantly refreshed, making it an excellent stepping stone for interdisciplinary research and discoveries. Attend the Researcher Academy for on-line presentations on issues that should help you make a better suggestion.

The following must be included in your proposal: Author (s) and/or Editor(s) - Please provide the name and backgrounds of the author(s) or editor(s) and, if known, the designated contributor(s). Objectives and scope/background and objective - This section is at the core of the suggestion and should give us a good overview of the objective and extent of your work.

When you write this part of your suggestion, you should take the necessary amount of detail. Among other things, some of the issues to be addressed are: What is this one for? Reach your target audiences and their needs - Adapting the contents and functions to the needs of a specific audiences right from the start will help make it a hit.

  • Clearly state how this information will help the reader. What will they do with the contents in their work? Competitive Resource - If there is a contest to your suggested book, reacting to the strength and weakness of that contest in what you contain will help us clearly place the book for our critics and clients.

Sitemap - The sitemap should contain subheadings, section headings, section headings, annexes and everything else that is part of the work. Example Chapters - Be ready to create an example section (or part of a section) when asked to show the book's standard, the way to write and the way it is written.

Appraisers - Provide the name and e-mail address of at least three experts in your area. Convincency and findability - Help our reviewer comprehend your intended contents - and later in the creative lifecycle, help prospective users find your contents - by selecting a working title, key words and section headings that clearly describe the materials you cover with the most pertinent notions.

Multi-media contents - Add any idea to contents that can go beyond the book and improve the user experiences (e.g. videos, sounds, advanced records, etc.). Indicate how the user would handle this footage and if it is important for your work. While this is not an exclusive listing, the following are areas in which we search for content:

When you are finished writing and sending your suggestion, please feel free to upload it, fill it in and return the filled out questionnaire to our offer e-mail box with the following information in the reference line of your e-mail: In case you have special requests that you would like to ask before sending us a detailled offer, please mail your request to our offer mail box and add the following information in the reference line of your e-mail:

Once a gadget comes on the shelves, an editor can help to boost sales:

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