How much to Write a Book

What does it cost to write a book?

This is the fun part. A publisher often uses this suggestion when writing the book cover. The money part is simple: you need exactly zero dollars. You do this many times and you have a book. Many people read non-fiction for their work in a similar way, not out of a great love of reading.

You should be writing a work?

Hardcover could earn some credit, say consultants, who gave in to the temptations of authoring, but at the expense of tens of thousand of dollars, plus years of night and weekend value. Wanting to write often have to dig into their own pocket to get paid by journalists, Ghostwriters, marketing experts and sometimes even printer to spread their words.

Anyone who dared to make the leap would guess that one should be real about what can be obtained from composing a textbook, and about the amount of money and resources involved. "Books are not a very good economy," said Daniel Peris, SVP and Sr. Portfolios Managers at Federated Investors Inc in Pittsburgh.

"It is unlikely for a finance consultant to be writing a bestseller, so don't do it for that reason," said Peris, who wrote two volumes on dividends. For about two years Peris spends night, weekend and wait on the asphalt, making his latest McGraw Hill hardcover, The Administrative Divide, which was released this year.

An aspiring author must be ardent about the topic, said Marie Swift, Chair and Managing Director of Impact Communications, a PR company in Leawood, Kansas. Then she said, the authors must decide how much they can invest and eventually whether they want to release themselves or go through an incumbent publishing house.

Researching, typing, rewriting, collecting graphic information and travelling for advertising purposes can devour your free times. Sackler, finance consultant and SVP at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in Paramus, New Jersey, has worked for about three years on her novel "The M Word", from concept to her recent advertising work.

"They' re making an investment," said Sackler, who researched, wrote and edited her novel about navigation in tough discussion about how to spend your free time with your mum. Nevertheless, the work of Sackler "gave me the chance to broaden my image, prove my skills and grow my business," she said. It is still too early to say whether the textbook has attracted new customers, but the response is "positive," says Sackler.

Peris, who publishes his latest novel, also said it was too early to see if the scheme had attracted new customers. Having a gifted advisor cannot necessarily be a great author of finance. Advisors should engage a host author for all or part of the letter in such cases.

Ghost writers are charging between $1 and $2 per words, Swift said. Dependent on how long or technically the work, you might be expecting to spent about $12,000 to $14,000 for this auctions. When you have too much money or too much money, you should write an introductory essay or a section for another work. Wiley & Sons said Susan McDermott, older publisher at John Wiley, a tipical advancement for a finance consulting textbook is about $10,000, about half of what editors were paying four years ago.

It can take between 20 and 30 hrs to write an airtight and inventive text. As a rule, even if a large publishers takes the books in their hands, some of the author's obligations in terms of advertising and advertising fall on him. While Sackler refused to declare the advances she had been given, she said that she would spend much more than this amount on contingencies such as unpredictable advertising outlays.

In 1999, Karen Ramsey publishes her first novel "Everything You Know About Money Is Wrong" with Regan Books. When Ramsey got the copyrights back, she released the same volume with the new track "Think Again": Old myths of old time.

Jim Miller, an Los Angeles-based accountant for Solver Inc. who distributes finance and budget management solutions, used's CreateSpace to release his 102-page bestselling textbook "Budgeting Doesn't Have to Suck". Mr Miller remunerated one of the artists $500 for designing the sleeve and added $500 for other spend. Friend and colleague published the volume as a favour.

You can buy Miller's eBook from Amazon's Kindle or Sony's Nook. The Miller brand makes about $4 per e-book and about $7 per pocket. A consultant must be ready to publish himself or go through an establishment.

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