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Amazons KDP Shipping Costs Can Reduced Your Ebook Royals Concealed deeply in Amazon KDP conditions and conditions is a chart of shipping costs for Kindle eBooks shipping. Childle Direct Publishing > Legal > Kindle Direct Publishing > General Conditions > Price Lists. One of the things that is included there is a listing of fees that most writers probably do not know, and do not know that the filesize of an eBooks can intersect in Amazon's books license fees.

The shipping charges correspond to the number of Megabyte, which we calculate in your digital book data, times the shipping charge share specified below. Whereas this might only look like Penny's at first sight once you realize that even a regular text-only e-book with a regular resolutions coverage is usually around 2.

100MB, the cost in the above chart doubles immediately. When your title page is very high-resolution, the page will grow drastically in area. So if your e-book sales cost is $2. 99 and you are on the 70% donation rates, you might think your donation is $2. 09, but in fact, it is only $1. 89 for a 2MB e-book record size after the $0. 30 deposit fee has been subtracted.

As soon as you begin to add pictures to an e-book, the filesize will quickly grow. To the extent that when the filesize is 10MB, your license fee at 70% ($1.04) is lower than at 35% ($1.05). The reason for this is that Amazon does not calculate shipping charges if you select the 35% KDP license fee.

It' s just Amazon that charge for selling e-books as far as I can determine and it may have something to do with shipping to Kindle appliances, but I really don't know why. Others can do it at no extra cost. In order to verify the filesize of your Amazon e-books, go to your books page and verify your productsdetail.

As I researched this article, I came across a useful on-line revenue calculation utility on Guy Kawasaki's website for all important e-book publication forums. Enter the exact amount of your e-book files in Megabyte and there will be an approximate estimate of your anticipated Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo and Google Play license fee.

Earnsing a minus e-book royalty? When your e-book retails at $2. 99 on KDPs 70% donation rates, and it is uploaded with imagery, reaching 20MB in file sizes, your donation will be with, -$0.01. Yes, your pictures and Amazon's shipping costs will destroy all your revenue.

Yeah, not for every copy you sell. However, if you opt for the 35% license options, you will earn $1.05. Ć¢EBook files can in fact be as large as you like at 35% because no shipment charge is charged. But if you are publishing to Apple, Nook, Kobo or Google Play, the volume of your email has no effect on your license fees.

In order to resolve the issue, my advise to those who release e-books with many pictures would be to use either Draft2Digital or Smashwordsto to release your e-mail as you acquire much higher donations. Alternatively, you could release it in a printed version and make sure that when you are selling a copy of your copy you receive your anticipated license fee.

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