How much to Publish a Book on Amazon

What does it cost to publish a book on Amazon?

The Royalty Calculator helps you to determine in advance how much money you can earn per book with Createspace. Self publishing on Amazon has enabled us to fly with our books. The cover picture says as much about your book as your title.

Self-publishing and free sales for textbooks, CD, DVDs

You' ll get a bonus when a book is published to meet a new order on, Amazon's Europe website or through our extended delivery network. Licence fees are determined on the basis of the listed prices you have specified for the place where your book is located. Our part ( (which is a percent of the total listed prices for each retail chain, the base rate and per page depending on the printing location) is taken from the listed prices and the remainder is your commission you deserve.

The fee is the listed value you have fixed for your book, less our part. Find out more about determining the listed prices of your book. A 184-page black-and-white book sets your dollar listing at $8.99. Someone buys your book at and a book is going to be published to fulfil this order.

A 184 page mono book will cost £5.99 GBP and ?6.99 EUR. Someone buys your book from through the Amazon Europe Canal and a book is published in mainland Europe to meet this order. Our part is calculated by calculating a percent of the listed prices plus a fix fee.

We will deduct a percent of the selling rate from the book's listed prices, based on the selling rate through which the book is distributed. If you are registered with, Amazon Europe (EU) and Advanced Distributions, and Amazon EU may rarely place an order through an Advanced Distributionsannel.

The license fee is valid for orders placed on, where Services, Inc. is the records vendor, and on Amazon EU websites, where Amazon EU Sàrl. is the records vendor. The foregoing does not apply to articles that have been purchased from a third parties or a "marketplace" vendor on or Amazon EU.

License fees for orders placed with and Amazon EU through our extended distributor may take up to six additional days to appear in your purchase order summary. The cost varies according to the number of pages in your book and whether the inside of your book is full-colour or monochrome.

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