How much is it to get a Book Published

What does it cost to publish a book?

Can you still make money with Kindle books? A lot of fiction artists try to publish their books before they have completed a manuscript - without success. What does your book cost? You would have been a complete waste of time when I first started. Sales in the book industry are stagnating despite the explosion in book publications.

What does it take to publish a work?

The cost of releasing a work will depend on several factors: whether you yourself make it public, use the service of a vanity/subsidy company, the size of the work, and the kind of printers you use. There are several ways to get a self-publication out there. It is assumed for these samples that the work has been typed, processed and reformatted.

Graphs for the envelope or for use in the textbook are not contained in this price comparision. Costs depend on how the product is released, the size of the product itself and how many prints are needed. Digitally formatted ledgers or e-books have the lower publishing costs.

Four-colour is not necessary. As there are no prints of the books, there are no inventories or storage charges. Authors' fees are the fees levied by the seller on the client to handle the sales. Printer -on-demand or POD is a technique that makes it possible to economically produce and bind a copy of a work.

The most POD printer uses the standard pocketbook printer paperback. Perfectly hardcovered 5" x 7" pocket books - the pages are pasted to the back and have a four-colour shiny binding. The most POD printer will calculate the costs (about $100) to setup the manual as a Portable Document Form, Adobe Acrobat, PDF files.

Each copy is priced according to the number of pages in the volume. For a 250-page volume with four-color binding it is about $5.00. You can order and print individual ledgers and deliver them to a client. Or, the writer can order 10, 20 or more at once.

In the case the product is sold to on-line bookshops, stationary bookshops or retailing companies, the product must have an International Standard Books Number or ISBN. Identify the publishing house, the name of the publication and the size of the work. Retailer do not order a product without ISBN. ISBN can be purchased in blocs of 10 at Bowkers for $275.

00, plus a small affiliate registry charge. It must also have a bar code that can be purchased. Publishing onemand publishing houses use print-on-demand printing to produce the works they sell. Publishing houses that are regarded as vainty or subsidized publishing houses purchase the ISBN for the writer. There is a charge for the provision of supplementary advertising materials.

Some few publishing houses are selling works for their writers on a cost-plus commissions-base. Whereas a copy of your copy of your personal PODs is about $5.00, a publish-on-demand copy is from $7.50 to $10. Fees depend on the number of pages. This extra charge is the benefit for the publish-on-demand publishing house.

The most economical way to publish one copy of a publication is by using off-set print. Disadvantage is that at least 500 volumes must be published simultaneously to be cost-effective. Photocopies must also be prepaid. It also calculates the shipping costs for the authors.

Circulation of 2,000 of a 250-page volume with a four-color envelope costs approximately $2 per copy, a significant reduction over POD costs.

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