How much does it Cost to Publish an Ebook

What does it cost to publish an eBook?

Are you publishing with all major e-book sellers? To self-publish an eBook, click here and to self-publish a printed book. We break down the costs and prove that self-publishing your books is the right way to go. It's not much different with printed books.

Actual cost of creating an eBook

According to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo, you only need to submit your eBook in one of the many popular document types such as.doc,.docx,.txt,.rtf,.html - in the case of Amazon - and you will receive an eBook.

I can best describe the transformation of a text by comparing it with the production of a workbook. Suppose you start with an adapted script, there are two things you have to do independently of eBook or pBook: You need a base theme that you can use. Lay-out and formatting: This is the creative adaptation of your manuscripts to your own designs (fonts, headlines, picture positioning, etc.).

They are both important for every textbook. Secondly, is totally crucial for eBooks eBooks not properly converting if you jump or skimp on that move. Converting the files into a gadgetable eBook is actually quite simple and can be cost-effective. Sadly, the concept has come to disguise the eBook creation proces.

In order to clarify this point, I have drawn up this cake diagram of the fundamental components of creating a script in relation to typing. Whilst this diagram does not contain the current cost of ongoing sales, it is used to help us benchmark the key investment needed to get from the concept to the market. It' on the basis of my own experiences and can of course change.

Their next biggest cost is or should be processing. The majority of the small discs are either fix or do not change very much. These little discs would actually be a lot bigger if you wrote a little volume. The budgets for this graph are predicated on my $1.25/word glywriting ratio, so my 36,000 dictionary cost $45,000 (if I thought about it before I began, I'm not sure I would have pulled it off).

This effort will not depend on the volume of the volume of the book as well. Funny thing is that even if you include converting, designing and layout/formatting, you only get $350 - a ridiculous amount in comparison to all other editions. I would advise you either to postpone your work until you can buy it, or to study how to do it yourself.

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