How much do you get for Writing a Book

What do you get for writing a book?

Do you need to attend a book publishing conference? " But don't tell them how much money I'm actually gonna make. But we were only paid months later because the money had to go through the publishing house. " But don't tell them how much money I'm actually gonna make. But the bad news is that you will NOT make (much) money selling copies of your book.

I didn't get anything out of my Amazon best-seller.

It' not like folks would think I made too much cash. When Jack Daniel sent me a ludicrously courteous cease-and-desist letter, it was presented virally and in places like Forbes, Time Magazines and NPR's Weekend Edition. For a while my album was the best-selling in America, right behind all the different "50 Shades of Grey" and "Gone Girl".

" So I can see why folks thought I would begin to wear pyjamas with monograms and smoke a sipe. You can' t get a lot of cash in a pen. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Fellowship " reminds me of a page in which Dave Eggers divides his $100,000 prepayment on his publisher's work.

This was not poor cash - just not the "I wager Dave Eggers has a Jaguar" kind of revenue I had been expecting. His name was on the front page of a goddamn album! Eggers' openness was useful as a human being who learned something about authoring and publication. So, here is my sting at similar honesty: the sugars dishes full of coke, the baths full of whiskey, the semi-nude bookshop staff dispersed throughout my best-selling wealth bed room story.

These are what it is like financial to have the year' s history India advertising books and be near the top of the best-seller listv. I' m just starting to get my July royalties cheques (the publisher business is so slow). This comes directly to me without all the burdensome tax still being taken out (the IRS is so helpful).

Don't get me misunderstood; as a man with a few ledgers with an independant editor, I never thought I'd see so much cash. I am enthusiastic and very proud that I earn my living as a author. It is simply not the jewel-encrusted wonder that most folks think is made into bestselling banking account.

Sales of the volume were plus or minus 4,000 units. {\a6} (The publisher business is so blurry. Hell, my shabby dream of building a Roald Dahl-style pen house in the back yard has even been put on ice. Twelve thousand dollars is astonishing, but it's not life-changing moneys. Using the funds to get my child to the day care center two nights a week so I could have more free space to work.

I was just wondering: Most writers don't discuss the question of the future of money. Sure, there's a buzz breaking headlines when Lena Dunham takes a boatload of cash for a letter about material that only her gynaecologist should know. However, when a good mate of mine, who is a great author, said he was given $5,000 for his latest publication, which came out from a big publishing company, he gave me an apartment of sorts.

It is the same sense of silence that I was abandoned with after having read Eggers' tax writings. It' something I heard folks whisper about when I dreamt I had a title with my name on the front page and maybe I was in the crosshairs of a legitimate shitstorm of whisky.

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