How many words to Write a Book

Number of words to write a book

What is the average novel? Simply write a good book on the subject and let the length convince you. But the other thing that makes you an exception is when your writing is absolutely brilliant. Although it is subjective to say the ideal length of a book, there are rough guidelines that you can sort by genre. Number of words is the number of words in a document or text passage.


because I misunderstood the length. What is the number of words in an ordinary novel? So I went to a bookshop, collected some (big, stocky) books in a kind of the same as mine, and I was sitting there in the workshop counting words.

Selling the book for a good six-figure amount, I haven't even been looking back since. You don't need to walk to your closest big shop, at least, as this quick reference tells you that the mean is what matters for each class of novel. What's the length of a book of grown-up novels?

So, how many words in a novel? This policy assumes that your book is largely commercially (and not literarily ) and that you write for the grown-up. When your history warrants the length, you need not fear when you get up to 150,000 words or even 180,000. As a rule, romance literature ranges from about 75,000 words to about 120,000 words.

70,000 words could be okay, but no less than that. You got over 120,000 words and you write a narrative, that's all right. When you write an average romantic, you probably have to cut a little. Thrillers often run a little longer than women's books, so although 75,000 words are all right as a lower threshold, everything up to 130,000 words are default.

But not less than 75,000. It can be up to 180,000 words or even over 200,000, but the novel must be beautiful and fully valid. This means that you have to edit each record exactly. When you write for a more literature-based public, the above ceiling regulations are used.

Anything up to 120,000 words, no sweat. You really have to defend up to 180,000 words. One good, brief novel could be 60,000 words. As it gets smaller, it has to be better. When you find that your amendment contains only 30,000 words, you should consider combining two more related amendments and presenting a 90,000-word packet to agencies and publishing houses.

What is the length of a non-fiction book? The majority of memoir must be in the 70,000 to 100,000 words area. You can only go through the counting and just go on if you're a big name. With the kind of book that usually comes out on the front desks at Waterstones or Barnes & Noble, you'll find that 70,000 to 120,000 words are common.

Simply write a good book on the subject and let the length convince you. As a rule, 50,000 to 70,000 words of Fictional Text are required. You can multiply by the number of pages and arrive at a coarse number of words. Younger children reduce the number of words. Have a look at the number of words you need for a novel or non-fiction.

When your book is too long and you need to trim it, don't worry. It is often possible to take a good 30,000 words out of a book without really affecting the contents, just by knowing exactly what works - which words, phrases, sections and sequences really deserve their place.

Remember that a 12-word phrase can be reduced to 9 words. But this is the same proportional lessening as reducing a 120,000 words novel to 90,000 words. You can only reach this diminution if you are choosy with every individual one.

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