How many words make a novel

What is the number of words in a novel?

There are no more redsling It' s a writer meeting time - and that means that once again I'll be seated in hotels where tens of my colleagues and nurses are watching the novice write. Once again I am hearing my colleagues and my sisters' agent ask these very crucial questions: These are all agent banners. Exactly how many words in a novel? First of all, because it's novel length, not novel length (we're speaking of grown-up literature, not chapters books) and so on. It is difficult to explain the cost of such a brief work, and the back of such a brief print would be too slender to hold the work.

Secondly, because it is far too long (the number of words corresponds to two books, not one) and too long a book is difficult to be sold in a 140-digit age. Even more badly, all three responses show a dearth of sympathy for the market place where authors try to put away tales - the same market place where we sale agents' tales.

Exactly how many words in a novel? At the moment, when it comes to the number of words in novel length, there are about 90,000 words. Practically every time I try to buy from a novice writer who is longer - regardless of genre - I get the same answer from the writers. "Not more than 90,000 words" seems to be the editor's mantras these times.

Here is how 90,000 words (360 pages at 250 words per page) are broken down by action: Type your fundamental action only in Maj. Plots Points: Inciting Incident, Plots Point 1, Mid-Point, Plots Point 2, Denouement. You can find more information about the plotter points in my me.

Well, using the term count, by acting as a general rule, you can crop anything you can to make the term count up outlines. Everything that does not take you from point to point MUST be GO. The 90,000 Words policy for how many words in a novel is exactly that, a policy.

Every subgenre (and genre) has its own vocabulary; coins are usually short compared to other types of detective stories. Just review your similar tracks - current debut releases - to make sure your history is in this section.

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