How many Screenwriters are there

So how many scriptwriters are there?

So how many actually sit down, put their fingers on the keyboard and try to write a script? Is there a shortage of working writers? No. Only 1,615 screenwriters worked in Hollywood in 2010. Approximately 700 films are made in the USA every year (about half of them are movies).

Now, you are comparing that to the about 6 million schoolteachers, 1 million tinsmith and 1.2 million attorneys working in the land and a writer might turn out to believe quite specific or right out.

This means that there are about 3,000 "active" (i.e. newly hired) screenwriters in Hollywood. Just over half of them are working in 2010. 1,615 of us, to be precise. There' re much simpler ways to make a living. I' m proud to be in the 1,615s. Sure, there have been years in which I have reked it (and I hope this year is another one of those).

But if you go down this path, make sure you don't do it to become wealthy and well known. Celebrity? Name 10 celebrity comedians in 30 seconds. 10 renowned screenwriters? There' only two good causes to become a scriptwriter. The second ( and only valid) excuse to become a scriptwriter is because you can't think of doing anything else.

Every weeeekly these instructors and attorneys bring home a check. These tinsmith know they can pay for the place. When you have to compose films?

Like Hollywood chooses scripts: It was the insider list that lead to'kidnapping'.

Tonight is a boring Twilight heartbreaker Taylor Lautner adventure story called Abduction. Kidnapping is a Lautner car designed to turn the young Twilight heart-pounding comedian into a credible event celebrity. There' s something almost aggressive banality about Abduction's trailers that feel like they've been shoed up from the remains of other, better acting movies (and the trailers are all we've got, since the movie wasn't shown to critics).

In fact, Lautner says the line "not if I find you first" that is somewhere between "I was already born" and "I have to get one of them" on the line of " Rows that screenwriters should never use again ". That' s why it's so amazing that kidnapping was only performed last year as one of the most impressing unpublished scripts in Hollywood.

It is one of 76 films on the "Black List", an yearly survey in which almost 300 anonymised studios are taking part in the most highly anticipated scripts in Hollywood. The yearly black list - ordered by the number of "mentions" a screenplay receives from the interviewed managers - is a unique chance to look into the heads of the individuals who decide which films you can see in your particular play.

This black list is the idea of former universal developer Franklin Leonard, who was disappointed with the needle-in-a-haystack method of identifying the best unpublished films. Leonard described in a talk the crazy proces of distinguishing good script from bad: "It's a little like going to some kind of member-only bookshop that has all the best and most exquisite books in the game.

until you find the best work there. "Los Angeles is a dreamers' town, and most of them dream of meeting them in Hollywood. Approximately 50,000 scripts are annually recorded with the Writer's Guild of America. The Hollywood studio publishes about 150 films a year.

Since all things are the same, an unpublished script has a 3 per cent likelihood of being turned from a recording room into a movie. By last year, 68 of the 168 movies on the first black list from 2005 had been processed into movies. Successful commissions have even been made by screenwriters whose black-list movies have not made it into their work.

It is for a fighting, undetected scriptwriter to get on the list as to how to be appointed to the majors. He worked for kidnapping scriptwriter Shawn Christensen, who had only two shorts to his name before kidnapping became Black-List; his next movie, enter nowhere, is currently in post-production. Browse the black list like looking into a Hollywood paralel world.

Some of the script sounds quite auspicious (2008's Butter: Some script don't (2009's Street on Fire: "Two policemen who have been reluctant to join forces trying to take down a drugs union as they navigate the city'). Some of the script sounds awfully dazzling (2009's Stric Con: "To rescue their favorite cartoon store, a fairy godfather of cartoon freaks must plot and perform a bold robbery at Comic-Con") and others sounds awfully dreadful (2010's Fucking Jane Austen):

There is not a singular characteristic that identifies the blacklisted film, but there are certain tendencies that run through. As a rule, the film that makes it from the list to the cinemas are cars for young, up-and-coming celebrities. Juno, who started the career of Ellen Page and scriptwriter Diablo Cody, was a high-profile blacklisted script in 2005.

It seems that some of our cast only play in black-listed scripts: He has starred in black list movies like Juno, Youth in Revolt and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, or Jesse Eisenberg, whose black list movies cover Adventureland, Zombieland and 30 minutes or less. Everyone of Taylor Lautner's Twilight colleagues has at least one movie on the black list:

There' s even a case for kidnapping: 2008's Eagle Eye, which made the 2007 list, was a similarly stupid September mystery story created to start Shia LaBeouf's starring carreer behind the Transformers ranch, and it made its debut that same week-end two years ago. The black list shows more than anything else that there is not a singular recipe for box-office sales succes.

Every list is like a timecapsule of Hollywood's hit and miss. Screenplays that became Blockbuster (The Hangover) and Oscar-winning ( "Slumdog Millionaire" included) are sitting next to floops like One day and the remakes of Arthur. Best choice in the blacklist story is The Beaver, which went to cinemas in May for less than $1 million.

A great script is just a first move, and a really great film needs great typing, great direction, great drama and great timings to be successful at the cash-off.

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