How many pages to Write a Book

What is the number of pages you want to write a book?

The most manga stories run as long as their'mangaka' (manga author) wants, or as long as their readership demands. On first glance it may seem like a few blank pages. Any author can give examples that violate the following word areas. The actual publication pages vary depending on how the book is set. Have you finished my picture book?

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What is the best way to publish the book I have authored?

Which is an agents and how do I get one?

That'?s how every author felt.

"I have to write two hundred pages. Well, I don't know how to begin with a tale.

You write these things down. There' s your history. What is the number of pages in my novel? Publishing houses go by words, not by pages. What is the number of words on a page? One book of 100,000 words would be about 400.

Which write tool should I use? I' m old-fashioned like Word, but there are many others who are perfect.

Shall I design my storyline with a draft first?

That' s the distinction between someone who wants to write and someone who wants to write. It is the one who finds and becomes a novelist. Whoever doesn't won't.

How do you advise prospective authors? This is my counsel to young writers:

And if you don't like what you write, no one else will. Don't tell them you want to be a novelist. You won't be everyone's favorite.... or your tale.

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