How long to Write a novel

So how long does it take to write a novel?

How long should this whole process take? It' s this long process that often develops large material. It'?s gonna take so long, isn't it? At one level, one could argue that the number of words, or length, is probably the last thing a writer should worry about.

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Writing a novel - How long does it take?

So how long does it take to compose a novel? From a technical point of view, most individuals who invest a little bit of effort should be able to complete at least a first design in about a year. One page is about 250 words, and typing six consecutive words per page per week at one page per year for 50 consecutive words per year, one literate ends up with a brief design of around 75,000 words or 300 pages.

Some of the best-loved novelists seem to be very productive. James Patterson publishes up to half a dozen novels a year, but it's no mystery that he is busy as a ghostriter. How about playwrights who are writing their own fiction? The author Donna Tartt is an extrem. Known for her books The Secrets of the past, The Little Friend and The Goldfinch, Tartt has published a novel about every ten years since her début in 1992.

For the working author, who has to care about the reader with brief reminiscences between the novels, such a timetable is usually not possible, but Tartt's role as a much-loved author makes her supporters stay waiting as long as they have to do so. It is sometimes associated with taking a long period of your life to write a work of literature of literary distinction, but a look at the critic' s celebrated author Joyce Carol Oates shows that this is not the case.

Besides novels and essay, Oates has composed about one novel a year since her début 50 years ago. Naturally, a look at the publication plans does not always tell us exactly how much an author writes. It is possible that a book has been signed and then postponed; an author can work on side jobs for several years.

However, some authors are imminent about their performance. Dean Koontz, suspense writer and writer, says that his novels last from six month to a year. Well-liked serial authors are undergoing a special test for the pace of their writings, as both Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowlingand can confirm Game of Thrones maker George R. R. Martin.

While Rowling spends six years composing the first volume in the Harry Potter range, she was able to write the rest of the show faster, but had to disagree with media coverage that she was paralyzed by writer's inhibition. On the other side, Martin enthusiasts have been waiting five or six years between the last few titles in his show.

So how much timeframe have you set aside for the completion of your novel, and do you think that authors of mass-produced books have a duty to their supporters to work faster?

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