How long to Write a novel

So how long does it take to write a novel?

For how long is a good first draft? Initial designs are as long as necessary. My late editor at E.P. Dutton, Henry Robbins, called this my enema theory: "Stay away from writing the book for as long as you can, don't start it, save it.

What is the length of a novel? ("There are a million different answers to this question, by the way.) I prefer to write in single-column, uninserted paragraphs.

So how long does it take to draft a novel?

Ever since my novel came out, some folks have asked me about the times. Where'?d you get the necessary spare minute? This is complex, but I think the first proposal is really the difficult part. These are some of the things to consider before you write a first sketch of a novel:

Which are your thoughts? It' s a long time to make a script if you don't have any idea. That' s why you need a whole host of different ways of thinking. So how do you want to do it? too?-?but do you spell it with the long hand? For me it'?s my job to handwrite my text.

√ĘThis may seem like it would take longer, but really I will actually spare a great deal of the delay that will occur of course if you write on a computer plugged into the Internet. I' m feeling confined and don't have that many thoughts at once (see #2). However, if you are spending the advance and do it, you will probably get your work done quicker.

So how much longer you got? So the more you spend on it, the quicker it goes.

So how long would it take to compose a novel?

If you were writing 1,000 words/day, how long would it take to compose a novel? So how long would that take? I' ll begin with the fundamental premise that the length of a whole novel is 100,000 words. For 250 words/page, this is a 400-page volume. Let us see how long it would take to finish the first design, without any editing, considering how many words are put on the page per working days.

I' m assuming 20 words per phrase and 12.5 phrases per page (250 words per page split by 20 words per phrase). When you can spell 1,000 words a word per workingday, you have 100,000 words in 100 workingdays. In other words, a full first design. Anyone who has ever tried to compose a novel, whether you have flunked or not, knows about these things.

You need a great deal of rigour to move forward, especially when you know that what you have just written is bullshit and needs to be seriously rewritten.

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