How long to Write a novel

So how long does it take to write a novel?

For you, what is a novel? A lot of novels in these genres follow predictable formulas and are written in long series. I' ve been preparing and planning my novel for months. I haven't written prose yet. I spend most of my time using my pen to write.

Exactly how many lessons to compose a novel?

I' ve just completed the third design of Pair Alleles, the 4th volume in my derivative of displacement collection last night. That was probably my most ambitious novel yet. I' ve got a more ambitious work than ever before that requires me to deal with all kinds of criticism such as reviews, analyzing information, and generally trying to look like my profession is really important to me (which it is, but I'm sure most authors can relate to the sense of being at loggerheads).

Moreover, it is the 4th installment in a highly storyline and complexity that must be followed and extracted from the first. It took a couple of seven month to get from the empty display to the third design, and it felt like a very long period of work on my display.

Unlike at work, where I recorded my own working hour to the 15-minute step, I didn't log the number of lessons I was sitting at my desktop to complete my novel, which gives me a great deal of useful information about exactly how long it took to complete a review, meet or make an assessment schedule.

At first I thought that analysing my front line production might also be of use. After all, how many lessons of work go into a first design, a second design and the end work? The time it will take to complete a novel will depend on how quick and experience you are, how long the novel is, what kind of novel it is, how much research is needed, how many working nights a month and how many working lessons a workday.

That I know, but we can certainly deliver more accurate information than "it will take as long as it takes". Folks often speak of making a script in a few month or years, as I just did when I said it took me seven month to make Pair Alleles.

It takes many a novel three to ten years to complete a novel, while some renowned authors such as Nora Roberts and Barbara Cartland can complete a novel in a single mono. All of us know books that have been published in a very little while. I have already bloogged about them.

We have all learned of books that take almost twenty years to complete. One year is often tossed around as the amount of free space it would take to publish a work. Authors often make it quicker, many produce a novel every one to three month. is that we have no way of knowing how many lessons a author's workday.

Will they come to their desks at nine o'clock, or do they scribble for an extra minute every evening after the children go to sleep, or do they stay tied to their desks for fourteen hrs? Are they writing every single weekday or just on the weekend? Has Sarah Gruen worked twelve working nights seven nights a week during these four or four months?

When she did, it took her 336 lessons to complete her novel. She writes three and a half lessons a workday? Well, if she did, she threw it out in a lousy 60 of them. Having done some maths basing on the median number of lessons I am typing per die (3. 5), the number of lessons I am typing per day (7) and telling the few winning sessions, layoffs, holidays or football contests to worry, I realized I was typing away on median 17 lessons per week from February 1 to August 26, with four consecutive weeks in which I had to type a brief history for the future chronicles and a one-week long Marathon of 12 hr when I tried, P

It then took 476 conservative lessons, with 357 lessons for the first design, 85 lessons for the second design and 34 lessons for the third design. How many lessons does it take other folks to compose a novel? The most authors don't bill or note the number of lessons they need to compose a novel, but I did find a couple of folks (often dates wonks like me ) who found it and got the following numbers:

This latest estimation, which has been re-calculated on the basis of my number of words, from information obtained from a 380 writer questionnaire conducted by Holley Lisle, is the most useful figure, as it represents the lives of many authors and contains the number of words. So my overall duration of 442 hrs for a first and second design is somewhat similar to the experiment of other authors.

It felt like I was working persistently on my pair alleles, despite the short time I devoted to it. In the first drafting stage, I counted my words at 1000 words a minute, and yet it took me 135 working nights to type my 120,000 words, so I didn't have to do it every second.

And I was able to compute my words per lesson to be about 336 for the first design stage. Fox is a great champion of chasing how many words you type per lesson to analyse your performance and work continuously to increase your outcomes. He has a title of 5,000 words per lesson, and he says he writes so many words per lesson.

Apparently at 336 words per hours, I'm well off that target. So far I hadn't really seen the value of chasing my spending being obsessive - after all, I'm obviously writing as quickly as I can and I already know that I'm much more prolific in the mornings than in the evenings.

But, since I already follow these kinds of things for my work, why not for my work? It is doubtful that I will ever reach 5000 words per lesson, but perhaps I can go for 1000 words per second. I have to get this done" of 12 hours I was able to spell 500 words per lesson.... better, but still room for improvemen.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to know that, as I assumed, if I concentrated solely on my typing, my performance per lesson will increase. I' ll tell you when and if I have interesting dates - until then I'll keep you posted!

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