How long to Write a Book

For how long you write a book

It takes some of my writer friends two weeks, others six months on average. Is it possible to learn to accept the inefficiency and unpredictability of writing? See how long it takes to write a book with a ghostwriter. So how long will it take to write it? To write a book is a long, hard blow that can be incredibly disheartening.

So how long did it take you to finish writing and publishing your first volume?

Sometime in the later 1980' I concluded that the best way to combat the false information that I thought was being spread to the general population about a "serious threat" of being exposed to secondaries. Its basic subject was defined in the title: an investigation of the shared phobical or even brazenly insane phobical idea and how it was contrasted with the anxiety awareness campaigns around the smokers around the smokers in the outdoors.

This was a complicated issue that had its origins in one of the "World Conference(s) On Smoking And Health " in the mid-1970s, when the anti-smoking scene was made frustrated by the slowing down of the US smoke abatement that the general surgeon reported in 1964 "On The Health Consequences Of Smoking" had seriously underway.

However, this impetus had evaporated and the 1975 Godber Conference (chaired by Sir George Godber) came to the conclusion that the best way to get quit smoking was to build the faith that smoking is harmful to those around them - a notion that was generally considered ridiculous at the moment, and a notion for which there was very, very, very little academic support.

But.... the efforts were made when the topics of the conferences were flown home to their various colleges and activists' organisations and, with the help of non-scientific but not necessarily creepy TV commercials, created and increased the fears in the 1980s when the US anti-smoking community was drawn to the "Just Say No To Dorugs!

e. This is because the threat to our youth is a very strong social-psychological instrument of propoganda and has always been one that generates rigid lyophilic reflections - very practical to avoid rationale thinking when otherwise "the message" could be disturbed by these events.

" At any rate, only the historic context of the issue was quite complicated, and the scholarly and psychological analysis was large and frightening. Suffice it to say that I was just reading about the old, old smoking group on the evolving web, while reading papers, reading literature and research.

Then in 1999, a pensioned journalist, Don Oakley, released an astonishing 600-page work, Sloven Burn: The Great American Antismoking Scam (And Why It Will Fail). There was no need to rewrite 600 pages about the political/historical background of the topic! After taking this emphasis off me, I could limit myself to the psychologic and science side of the campaign and just point the reader to Oakley's tape!

Dissecting Antismokers' Brains was conceived and named. Emphasizing the upper-case concept of "antismokers" was a reaction to the extreme anti-smokers of that period, who were still a very, very small group but had taken up the old propagandistic ruse of talking about themselves as representatives of a much bigger "silent majority" - non-smokers in general.

For example, I recall an 80s paper in which a celebrity free radical gave a picture in an interviewer of how most non-smokers would retreat, wave their arms and cough as ordinary behaviour of people who smok. Back then the picture was purely fantasy: I had never experienced such behaviour in my whole being.

This all came together, and the serious letter of a 400-page dissection..... began in 2000 with the completion and release of the volume at the end of 2003. Well, in the broader meaning, the script took almost 20 years from my first thoughts to write it, with the most serious letter taking place in the three years just before its pub.

Same patterns, but in a more concentrated way, took place in the font of the bigger and more formal TobakkoNacht -- The Antismoking Endgame released in 2013. To find out more about the content of this volume, just go to TobakkoNacht - The Antismoking Endgame and click on the "Book Selections" page for about 10,000 words in extracts.

I think that if I ever start a third volume, the process of developing and rewriting will be even more condensed: maybe in a whole that won't take more than two years. So, yes, the "first book", at least for me, was a big and very time-consuming one.

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