How long does it take you to Read a Book

So how long does it take to read a book?

Can I read a 400-page book in one workday? At the time I had restricted web accessibility, so I wasn't up to date with all the on-line fanfics, but I read this journal named Gokulam, which was edited by Tamil Nadu. I' m not sure if it's still being released, but back then they focused a lot on Harry Potter-related messages and theory and I had my part of theories about what would come.

Oh, how false I was, never in my fiercest dream would I have thought Dumbledore would be dying, least of all Snape! At 6.15 a.m. the bookshop was reachable and there was already a little line, all children like me were escorted by their mothers. So I got the book at 6:30 and began to read it when we got on the backseat.

Papa scolded me to calm it down and read as soon as we got home, but I hardly heeded. It was Harry fucking Potter! At about 7.30 a.m. we got home and I read until 9.00 a.m. (in between a 30 minute pause to prepare for school). went to class and stayed the whole night with the wish that our classes would end.

For the next 15 and a half I read the same phrase again. "And, without even realizing how he knew that the Phönix had gone, had abandoned Hogwarts forever, just as Dumbledore had abandoned college, had abandoned the whole class.... Harry had abandoned "This was probably one of the most emotive little paras I had ever read.

I' ve been up all dark re-reading the book. Anyway, I read 603 pages for five and a half hour. Fifty-six3 words per minute, my highest read rate ever captured.

Nonstop read, how long does it take to read a 300-page book..... inquiry

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