How long does it take to Write a Short Story

So how long does it take to write a short story?

Any suggestions? As a short story, it's about a week. Which lessons can we learn from how long a short story should be? Please let me know how long your comments will take. I won't tell you how to write.

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It'?ll take as long as it lasts. Each story has its own voyage to completion and each novelist has her own unique trial. It would be out of the question to quantitatively determine how long it should take for all these items to come together for each of the authors in each story. I have written in my own letter that some histories take a while to gather, and problem solving is not always up-to-date.

I' m usually happy I was there. Woolf said how long it took him to write his short story "Benefit of the Doubt": When a story ends up matching the style I had in my head the first time, it never seems to have much excitement.

Allow the story to take its own course. Open up to the opportunities that arise from your plans, even if it means investing more of your own history in it. Big tales arise from the profound investigation of the characterisation, shape and charm of this particular story, which can take place at the speed of a fast running racing or a long stroll on a winding trail.

Novels and short stories Word counts

Shorts vary from 1,500 to 30,000 words; Novel writing ranges from 55,000 to 300,000 words, but I wouldn't suggest targeting the top end, as the length of War & Peace is not the simplest to buy. Lori Perkins of the L. Perkins Agency in New York says that it is much simpler to promote a first edition if the number of words is between 80,000 and 100,000 words or about 300 double-typed pages - the mean length of the novel.

If you write, you should not set any boundaries. Keep the story flowing without stopping. This could take you to another story. Mr. Klems is the editor-in-chief of Writer's Digest mag. Please do not hesitate to write it in the commentaries below or by e-mail to with "Q&Q" in the reference line.

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