How long does it take to Write a Children's Book

So how long does it take to write a children's book?

Anne, I agree with you that writing the rough draft does not take much time. The rule of thumb is: the longer the book, the longer the writing takes. However, with some books it takes a long time to find out, although the book is very short. Yeah, it could take years to write a picture book. One common mistake with would-be picture book authors is to use too many words.

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They can try to finish any storyline you write in a certain amount of timeframe (and some very discipline, experienced writers do it), but I haven't yet achieved this standard (lol), but every storyline is different, the characters are different and the actions are different. Sometime it' s simple and sometime it needs cooking to do.

I would say for my latest book that it took about 9 month to a year - but that wasn't every single letter. I' ve been reading On Worriting three time. I' m going to publish my first book on July 4. I took three month to write the 110K novel (now 75K after it got to my publisher).

However, it was the cut that lasted the longest - about one and a half years. I had the best times to write on my weekend. Well, I think it will depend on your way of typing. I found that having lessons and lessons to write at once was more advantageous to do 30 minutes here, one lesson there.....etc.

Took me almost two years to write and work on my first novel'Collision - A Sci-Fi Romance'. I didn't have to wait that long, but I was decided that it had to be the best I could do. I' d already wrote and published six textbooks, but never a novel.

I must have been reading every "How to" book about literature during the trial. Also there was a great deal to be learned in becoming an independent writer, which is very timeconsuming. The next book I'm working on will take a year. It could be done in less if I wanted, but I prefer to do it in terms of qualitiy to words or words.

When I read "On Writing", I discipline myself to spend my spare minute with two small kids and a handicapped woman. In addition, you do not have to publish more than one book per year, as the company does not want the new book's promotional power to slow down and be diverted to a new book out of its packaging.

A second book, Treason in the Highlands (another flagrant plug!) will be released in September and it took about ten month to write. For how long does it take to write a GOOD book? I' m not a writer anymore, but when I wrote it was difficult to stop when I started to roll with an invention.

Though I shook out a brief YA (60K words) once in a weeks life, but I wrote 12-16 hours a days during that period. It took me an approximate 1-2 month on general terms to write a first design and a year to make all the necessary modifications, adaptations, revisions and more. It took about five years from the initial concept for my first book to its publication.

Of course, that wasn't all just a letter, much of it was to find out how to do it. It' s been a year and a half and I'm almost finished with the last of my new writings for my second book, which is a continuation of the first one. To find the right moment is the greatest for me (times like now, when my work is done by my family and my boy is sleeping, are quite rare).

But I think 6 mothers, serviceman, and so on strength be above statistic. Took me five to write 37682 words. In the last year I have been writing the first three full-length books in a new serial in about six month. They were flowing lightly for some inconvenience, unlike all the books I had previouslyritten.

However, last year I also completed a book that I worked on for over 14 years. Anne, I share your view that it does not take much of your timeframe to write the raw proposal. It is the new version that also requires the most work for me. Next term I will write my first novel (an extension of a brief history I have written this semester).

My own personal experiences have shown that sometimes 500 words can be like 500,000 words and sometimes it might be like 5, but after I finish my day's letter, I begin the next morning with a new reading of what I had written the night before and do some work. I' m not even necessarily going to write "the next paragraph" or the next section, I write another 500 words sometimes in the centre of the song I have written the night before.

I am the kind of individual who will be spending much more of my life wondering what I am going to write than actually do it. I also like to write long in a notebook and then write at a later date. You can see that I get most of my new thoughts by re-reading what I wrote earlier.

I would like to know what other folks think about it, especially folks who have long ago composed songs. When I write, I think it's important not to hurry, but it doesn't take forever. Took me over three years to write and work on three short stories. I' m working full-time, I'm getting a wife, have kids, etc. and I think everyone underestimates the impetus it took to make these fulltime work.

When you can write full-time, it's much quicker. Imagine that I have reached the velocity of sunlight, considering that it can be very time-consuming to write - especially during the work. It won't take too long, that's my slogan. I' ve been reading somewhere that the mean is three years. And you can study to write for yourself.

The first design took about 16 moths; much research; over the next 20 years (The Last Day) it has been polishing. The last one (Reluctant Intern) took 4 moths for the preliminary design. Usually it usually take me about a whole month to write the design, and then a whole new puzzle, but it does take me about six and a half weeks to do the overhauls.

It' s nice to get the storyline out quickly because it will help with consistency and then I take my own sweetheart to make sure it works. Usually my operative doesn't see it till about 8 or 9:00. All of us have a shared love of poetry. Probably I could have published my latest book in 2 years, but my editor also had agreements with other writers, so we'll probably all come across it.

Write and share! The first novel I ever wrote lasted 17 month, and that was with several month's pepper throughout the entire trial. It took my second novel six month to complete. Roman #3 was actually my first finished novel and has been in various stages of the close for seven years. I haven't finished a book, am just typing one now and want to end it in 6-8months; that include 1. design, copy editorship and closing copy. I know its going, tough duty but am willing to board on it and hopefully get it done.

The ROCKET MOMMA memoirs I recently created took 12 years. To write about my living with my bipolar-manic mom was sometimes trauma. So I had to stop typing, group myself and reboot. When I was done, it was freeing. It took me two and a half years to begin and end my book: In fact, it took longer to work on the book than to write it.

I find it hard to continue to write as a novelist. In 2005 I began to write some of my own work. In the course of my work I have added more contexts. I' ll write about a heel for a whole weekend at the most. Let's assume I wrote an introductory book and it's about 20 A5 pages of logbook.

That is book one in the extensive compilation and so far I'm only on section IV. It is the book I began in 2005 whose designs were compiled as a poemat. So far the composition of the Hauptwerk is only one introduction and 4 sections and it took about 3 years until then.

Then, so to say, the fourth book is the beginning of those heroic on this planet, that is 9 of them. Whilst it was deeply in typing, it went very backwards and onward. And not to say that I write very little here and there. Some of the most important I have worked on are Book 1 and Book 14.

It seems a little hasty to write a book in three years. It just seems that it could take almost twenty years to write a book until everything is perfectly. Took Tolkien much longer to write and free the Lords of the Ring-- But if I recall rightly, it took me a few years to get the whole edit together.

Anyway, I just don't know if it's possible to actually put a book together in a brief amount of epoch like 3 years. A first 50k dictionary design will take about six or less days. However, for me the longest period of my work is about three month, without too many additional things in my daily work.

The first book I wrote was 10 years and three overhauls. I have two of my own thoughts that I began as collegiate paper and two are NaNo fiction that took a months to write a very concept. It' the main trouble is that I get to a certain point and then I can't go on and then I get other thoughts and begin to work on them........

I' m working on a novel I'm programming, it'll take me about nine and a half weeks. But in the center there was a two-month stop. There was no writing at all at that point. This last book should contain about 75 or 80 thousand words and I don't count the amount of pages for an editors, covert artists or overhauls.

But if I can make one book a year that others like to read, I'll be lucky. I take the months off from work to go to Europe next weekend, but I will certainly take note. "Self-released writers say it doesn't take that long to edit."

It was unavoidable for me to conclude that more work could result in a more satisfying degree than self-publication. Bravo. That's what a book looks like! But the way you did it in a whole damn case of a week is driving me crazy. I have gained 1-2 moths of experiences as an authoress.

It is the part of the procedure to get the ideas, write them, send them to my editors to make the script legible, send my illustrators detail directions for each picture in the book, put everything together and publish it. About 6-9 month from the first idea/planning to release. It doesn't take long to write the raw design, but I always begin with a sketch and comments (which lasts much longer than the raw design) and then the review procedure is a hit man.... I do it all myself and keep my breathing with the betas but it' s my business, and I take it seriously.

I' m writing short fiction: the length of an amendment, and the longest is 80,000 words. I only needed six sabers to write my first novel'Home Run', which was then adopted by a publishers here in Australia. I' ll write my first design in a very short time. In my opinion, the speed of the first design keeps my drive going.

It only took me 2 years for the whole triology, but this one, since I can't fully dedicate myself to my work, could take much longer. As most of the storyline is set in Mexico, I used main resources from Spain (newspapers and historical books). The rewrite and edit continued, as I have written.

I' ll shoot to write a 90k words first scheme in about four month, and then spends about two month in typing and concluding review. I' m almost done with a novel I've been working on for 14 month. There is nothing simple about this deal, but it feels good when you write the end.

If I write, I have to write fast, otherwise I loose it. Give my MS watch in at around 80k or usually take five thousand or so and it will take me about two to three weeks for each. As you write it, it's unbelievable.... Thanks for getting it out there.

and I did the teacher-with-the-summer-of-the-father nursery, so I only texted 1-2k words a days by smuggling them in while the children were in the sandpit, and so on. Rewrites and editorial, but about a year for a definitive work.

However, it was a bad dream to work with. I will definitely have a different processing for the next book. In about a whole week I could have processed it completely and I needed more than five because I was so Ignorant. Instead of how long, the lecture is about who is eligible to publish a book.

But most of them can't. Anybody can write a book, but very few can write one that is released and actually sold. You have fierce rivalry, or I should say we do, because I do it full-time. The majority of us don't make any luck when we write. There are a few tens that do well, then a few hundred that make a big buck, then a few thousand that make a little bit of profit, so the odds of winning 500k on lotteries are unfortunately higher.

If you want to be a novelist, you have to be as real as an actor. Get rid of negative messages, if you're a really good author, don't let anything stop you. Do not take no for an answer. No. I have just published this book this last week (book 2 in my series) and it took about 8 whole weeks from the beginning to the release.

Eight and a half were a big step up on my first book I've worked on over the years. I am currently working on my third book, which is expected to take me 6 or 7 month. I found out it keeps me from asking myself what to work on.

The first two book length were about 100K and the third book will be at least as long. I' m not a full-time writer, so I'll pass that into the early mornings when I am cool and the mind will work for me, especially during the first design stage. 5.00 am starting and 6.30 am finishing (My children get up until then).

I' ll try to blend in over dinner. At the weekend I usually take off or keep it easy with some scheduling for the next sunday. Can write a 30-40,000 dictionary in two to three words per day, but as others have said, it will take much longer!

A quotation from A.J. Liebling: "I can write better than anyone who can write more quickly and I can write quicker than anyone who can write better. This said, I think the quickest I've ever typed a book -- from first comments to release willing -- is probably about 2 years and doesn't count fractions.

One of the reasons why it is taking so long is because I don't plan enough in advanced. It is much more timeconsuming to rework a book to fix basic problems (e.g. bad plottering, unrealised motivational character) than to fix interface problems. So, when I look at my next novel, I'll work out more of it in anticipation before I really begin to write something on "paper" and see if it will help me to do the whole thing a little more effectively. http://www.avclub. com/articles/neal-p.....

The first book I wrote back and forth for three to four years, with big holes where I was too preoccupied to write something. The cut lasted a few month and then a few week self-published. I' m decided to complete my WIP in about three month's time, as Stephen King proposes, but I think the reviews will take a while longer.

I' d be frustrated if I didn' have a usable design by the end of the year. I could write a novel in about six month. Three-month, four at the most. However long, I write quicker when it's longer.

One took the longest, almost exactly pop on four month's worth of this 190k. No. However, the edit and all the other tedious things can get doubled and I give him a few month between typing and doing the edit to give him a chance to sit down. And we take misuse in our forums seriously.

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