How long does it take to self Publish a Book

What is the time it takes to publish a book yourself?

The debut author Lucy Ayrton tells readers how long it took her to write and publish her book One More Chance. Thousands of books are uploaded to KDP every day. There will be some authors who will support them and are worth reading. Or if you want to be ambitious, you could aim for five or even four months. It is very difficult to write and publish a high quality book in a shorter time.

So how long does it take to publish a first book?

Lucy tells how long it took to publish her book and how many unanticipated diversions she made on her way to it. For the first that I thought I had completed my novel was in November 2015. Next I thought I had completed my novel was in the 2016s.

I had been short-listed for one of the awards and had some feedbacks from agencies and editors. Next one was in early 2017. I' d found a bright operative who liked my book and had some great ways to make it even better. Well, it was the evening before the London Book Fair, and we were formally prepared to ship it after it was submitted.

I' m sure the book was done. I began working with my publishers and editors in September of the same year. The fact that "editor" is a professional designation should of course have pointed out to me that she wants me to continue working. It' been thrilling to be almost done.

That same October I found that the line editing was different from the structure editing. I found out in November that copyedit is different again. I was sent a complete set of manuscripts for proofreading in January of this year. Theorem! At the end of March, after a few nice trips back and forth and an whole week-end in which I stared at a text and thought I had forgot how to reread.

Turns out you can't turn it off on a long afternoons. It was the very last round of editing and we would not make any more changes after that - it would be sent to the printer. I' d been with this book for so long, with my character and in my own time.

Oh, I loved that book. I' ve at last completed a novel. Once you've reached 99%, it's timeto continue. Estimate your elapsed orbit. To write a novel lasts forever - of course! It won't take an indefinite while. You can spend a few extra days of" polishing" without added value for your almost completed work.

I' m doing three designs and then I begin to show my work to everyone, with another round of editing after each feed-back. Lucy's first novelOne More Chance will be released on June 28 (ebook and audio) and November 15, 2018 (paperback) with Dialogue Books. This novel follows the history of London jailer Dani and connects psychological tension with modern women's literature.

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