How long does a novel have to be

For how long does a novel have to be?

Skip to Why does a word count? When it' too long, they may not have the stamina to read it. For how long does a novel have to be?

She started her first novel at the age of 15, started blogging in 2006 and has since been working for profits and building web sites. The novel must be at least 70,000 words long (unless it's Mills & Boon-style romantic or erotic if you get away with 50,000).

I can' keep my novel long enough! When your novel is too brief, your first response could be to complicate the plot. The shortage of history is almost certainly not your fault! If you have a journalistic, commercial or academic backgrounds, you have spend years studying how to slice the wafer and get to the point.

A novel is not only about facts, but also about ambience, descriptions and emotions. When you type "briefly", the trouble can be that you know what your character and places look like, and you know the inner motivation of your character, and you are forgetting that your readers do not.

I' m a writer, and my first design always looks like an activity film and cuts from one shot to another with a minimal amount of detail. Readers do not have enough information to imagine the character, so they cannot interfere in the game. Even if the storyline moves too quickly from one sequence to the next, they still have the feeling of being disorientated and hectic.

One way or the other, they're gonna give up your novel. When they don't complete your work, they won't buy the next one - and your typing careers are about to end! But I didn't know that I "wrote briefly" until I was reading a novel playing on the same Grecian isle as my own novel.

When you type briefly, you have to work on each sequence in detail. How did you forget to tell your readers? Scenesetting. Readers need to know where your character is, even if it's a rather inconspicuous room. But when you do the drill, you'll think!

Describe the nature. That' part of the scenery, really. One brief image of each and every one of the figures as they appear will make the plot seem more vivid. You should not be reading thoughts for non-POV personalities. Imagine the position of the readers and don't describe what they see, what you know about the people.

Its primary advantage is that it makes the scenes livelier, but a by-product is that it also uses more words! Don't just pass on the talk - make sure you take into account the characters' moves and responses as they speak. Your novel too long?

If, by accident, you have the reverse issue - that your novel is too long - you're in luck, because it's simpler to delete words than to insert them (although I know it's hurtful to cut them up!). Many times I meet authors who think that their writings must be good because the words come so light.

A possible cause for the extra length is the tendency to involve every individual sequence that happens between your personalities, even if it is not pertinent to the game. Or, perhaps you need to add a description and background stories for each sub-person. It may be necessary to do a great deal of research before starting your novel.

But your readers don't need to know most of it. This may seem intriguing to you - but for your readers these useless detail is b-o-r-i-n-g.

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