How I Wrote my first novel

As I wrote my first novel

is that one of the most common questions I get Now that' s it if it doesn't suck the life out of your soul. And then he scrapped it, sat down and wrote the truth. As I wrote my first book. She is an author, editor, publicist and webmaster.

As I was writing my first novel during my day trip.

I' m currently working on a 330-page novel on board a train, 40 mins each. They say everyone carries a work. Just ask around and you'll find that most folks have an astonishing notion that would make for a great ?if they only had the case to oeuvre it! A fulltime position, families, friends and all these tiresome "adult" tasks leave little room for work.

However, I found the amount of round-trip travel I needed in the otherwise dying age known as "the commute". They are convenient, calm and always on schedule (some of these facts have actually made it into the novel itself). In 2010 I read my third or forth Dan Brown novel and thought of two things:

"and""I should be able to do that." I' d already done a few brief novels before, but could I do a novel? I' ve made a table with a Dan Brown novel in each of the columns and a storyline point or characteristic relation in each one.

I then reread the books, took plenty of note books and stuffed this one. I' regressed Dan Brown. I' ve added a new section called "my novel" and started to fill in the gaps. Though it looked quite different in the end, this pillar was the foundation for my later first novel, The Golden Legacy.

It took four more years until I had the first copy of the novel in my hand. Turns out typing is a big job. It was a history of obsession. But I had to realize why fiction and film work. From The Hero with a Thousand Faces to The Screenwriter's Bible to the disputed Save the Cat, I was reading volume by volume, until I saw the basic issues and principals that united all the different textures and methods.

STREPHEN KING begins to compose his books without realizing how they will end; it's not surprising that some folks think that ending is not one of the strong points of STREPHEN KING. But I know this wouldn't work on me - - would be afraid not to know what I would do next (as it turns out, that was one of the things I could do while I was driving everyday).

The snowflake technique, developed by a novel writer who also holds a Ph. D. in Theoretical Physics, was easily followed. Briefly, you describe the storyline of your novel in a singular phrase; then in a singular section; then in four sections; then in four pages; then you create a listing of each sequence in the history; then you type.

I had about 80 scenes in my Scenelist. I' ve thought a great deal about the history's history to make sure that there are no loopholes, that each character's action always makes good in view of his or her own wisdom, his or her own situations and his or her own objectives, and that the history itself is thrilling and convincing.

Obviously I didn't work on the novel time - shortly after starting this venture I went to Zurich and began with Google, so the novel was given up for month. However, this also means that my full-time work and other tasks in my lifetime did not take much of my schedule to turn this 80 article catalogue into a 300-page novel.

It was a custom for me to sit down and take out my notebook with a simple movement. To write required concentration, so I had to practice putting on my "writing hat" as soon as I seated down. So I began to write my novel in two 40-minute plays a days.

Every "session" I started by rereading the one-line descriptions of the actual and former sequences and the last few sentences I had made. That was enough to re-establish my mind and keep going where I was before. There are two ways I found the writer's block: not to know what has to come next in the history and not to know how to do it.

First one was resolved by having my 80 scenes lists; I always knew what had to be done next. I spent most of the tedious period improvising, giving myself my approval to vacuum and promise myself that I would cut later, but most of the times the results were pretty good.

Took another year to complete the text of the novel on the move, and a few month to have a ready-made editor's card available at ?including, get a jacket, format the eBook and printed books, and so on (this is described in this article). Golden Heritage has been well accepted.

A few folks were reading it in a session, which is perhaps the best complement I could have had. The very fact that you have your real, concrete, physical work in your hand is difficult to describe. Kindle and Amazon offer The Golden Legacy. It is my first novel, so I welcome it!

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