How I Wrote my first novel

As I wrote my first novel

In the end, I wrote most of my first novel on an iPad. I' ve never seen anyone like him before, so casually strong and safe. It' the story behind the story. I finished my first novel, tell me what I have to do to publish it. I turned eighteen four weeks later.

As I' ve written a novel with 100,000 words in four week and what he has done for my copy-writing.

I' ve found I' m a poet. "Do you know," my woman said, "the distinction between us is that you are a writers who market for a living, and I am a marketer who writes for a living". One way or another, he grabbed me by the shoulder, shook me well and shouted: "Write me something!

As we got home, I was sitting on the couch, grabbing a notepad and a paper pen and starting to type what was going to be my first novel. It was at this point that I changed to typing on my Mac. So, I thought that this blonde multibillionaire wanted to be the UK guide without having to bother to get a public outfit.

I' m not going to stop judging while I'm typing. A favorite quotation of mine about authoring (and especially about novel writing) comes from the beautiful Anne Lamott. And she said, "Write crappy first drafts." Rather, you should not be worried if your first design is fucked up or not, because that is not the design you are going to public.

Not only did it mean that the first design was filled with outrageously poor concepts, but also with the most unusual typing errors. But it also means that a months after throwing myself on the couch, I had a first outline of about 100,000 words. Well it' s not too hard for a first novel, but in the seven I've been writing since then, I've refined my skills over another 850,000 words.

When you write orders to air travelers to leave an aircraft in an emergencies, it is a no to speak in the first passenger as if the aircraft were a sweet little "Jimbo Jet". This means that when we write a copy, we should at least consider diving our pail into the horizon-less sea of'English' instead of into the flat country pool of'Plain English'.

However, as an original fount of joy that we human beings cannot withstand, it is both pleasant to read and to work with. It' also adding truthfulness to my books.

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