How I Wrote my first novel

As I wrote my first novel

I' d put my ass in a chair and wrote the book. I' ve written my cover letter with a basic criterion: " I wrote my first novel and my second novel in Chicago. This was where I became a writer. I just wrote a book, you know.

As I wrote my first novel released - Helen Dennis

I am very excited to launch this new diary in which I will talk to writers from different categories about how they wrote their first novel. I am always fascinated by the different ways and techniques an writer follows. Today's interviewee is the award-winning children's book writer Helen Dennis.

This year I made the acquaintance of Helen at Winchester Writer's Festival when she led a mid-sized literacy group. So how long were you going to start typing before you started? When I was about six years old, I wanted to become a novelist, when I realized that I didn't publish from nowhere!

When I quit college, I got a'real job', but I never forgot the vision that one of these days I would be a publishing work. So what kept you from starting a novel? I had many beginnings of novels....and very few ends! Which was your first novel ever out?

This the first novel you ever wrote? What did you say? I' ve been spending years designing the Secret Breakers show. Your contribution to the creation of the novel and the show was priceless, but it certainly did help that I had so many comments and blueprints about what would be! Secretary Breakers is a six volume set and I had to have all six books done before the first volume was out.

Which was the most challenging part of the Secret Breakers work? That' s the nice thing about having to start with all six of my book sets was quite liberating. And she was the first one in the business to see it.... and she purchased it! Girlfriends I had made in the field of editing later assisted me in finding an operative when all six volumes were published and I was about to start a new one.

That everything you type has to push history forward. How would you advise any prospective writer? At a hands-on approach, please type as often as you can. Reading a lot. I' m trying to'close' a book to find out what an writer has done and why. Publishers are a tough job and the work does not end with the first one.

Hodder Children's is the award-winning author of the Secret Breakers and River of Ink ranges for mid-sized readership. She has had her book translations into seven different tongues and River of Ink has been selected as Book Trust Book Buzz Choice for 2016-17.

She worked as a schoolteacher for 20 years before writing full-time. For more information about Helen's work, please see her website. Helen's entire collection is available at Amazon. You will find a link to her latest book collection below. She is the fourth most frequent writer of adults' literature from British galleries and has written over 80 reference works.

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