How I Wrote a Book

As I wrote a book

This case study shows how I used my marketing background and tactics to write an even better book description for a large book and prove the results. And here's how it makes me feel. I have all my writer friends writing books. This is not the hard part. She is an author, editor, publicist and webmaster.

As I was writing the book for a famous book

I recently received an e-mail from Galaxy Press, L. Ron Hubbard's publisher, asking if I could help them market one of his most popular Battlefield Earths. Well, if you don't know me well, I'm a giant sci-fierd, listing Battlefield Earth as one of my favourite novels - not the film.

Has it ever been a funny bookshow? As soon as I received it, I checked the stats and results of Amazon MMS. I saw that they did a great work getting their books in front of the right clients (as I did in my free AMS Videocourse:

With this occurring, 99% of the case, its because the product kind isn't advantage relative quantity. This was definitely the case with this particular work. This was more like a reportage in a bookshop and did not stimulate interest and the deepness of the history. So I got to work, rewrote a descriptive text that would go on sale, and wrote down everything I did below.

We--we triple your salvage rate....all because of some easy changes to the citation. Now, when we write our books, we can't just go underground. It is best to get back to the fundamentals and recall exactly what a good textbook needs before I begin to write about it.

So I erupted some of my favourite books on script: text: "I'm sorry: Bryan Cohen's novel How to World a Sizzling Synopsis. That is definitely my resource when I am writing my inscriptions. B. Podcasting episode about the structure of a text. This is my personal statement with Bryan Cohen on the Bryan Cohen Bryan Marketing Show webcast.

and I went to work to apply it. Once you've refreshed what goes into a good review, it's a good idea to collect useful information and bricks to produce a review that will turn purchasers into purchasers. Ever since I was 12 when I was reading the volume, I knew what the volume was about.

One of the best strategies for creating a text that lets you buy is not only to know the product, but also to find out what you think was your favourite part of the product, and to expand on that. These include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes. That' s invaluable information for a convincing depiction.

Review blog of the book: Verify what they say and record everything that attracts your interest. The best way to persuade a purchaser that this is the product he is looking for is to make sure you use his own words to describe the work. If for example the purchaser has looked for Amazon with the word "swashbuckling adventure" and your descriptions say "this swashbuckling adventure...." somewhere in the text, then you have now proved to the purchaser that he has found the kind of books he was looking for.

Therefore, knowledge of what words buyers use to describe the kind of work they are looking for can help you create better and more appealing textbook titles. Not only do I know what words buyers use, I also know how many consumers actually enter these words into Amazon when they shop and how much these ledgers actually earn.

It will also help place the album in front of more buyers, because as Amazon's A9 algorithms say in public, look at the words we use in the descriptions and select where to show the album. Also, this research and the use of words in your descriptions will help as0 show your volume more on Amazon.

As soon as I had a schedule for producing an outstanding account of the books and an impression of what others said about the books, it was the right moment to write. Here you can see the full text of the book: There was too much information off and wasted in detail - this is a sells page books review, not a books review.

When you read this account, it sounds as if the story is more about Jonnie and Terl struggling against each other. Much more is at issue, and the emphasis and descriptions of Terl are a little too lengthy. So I took these comments and my comments from other pages to make an update of the descriptions of the book.

Here is the new text: Because the destiny of the galaxy is on the battleground of Earth. It was important, however, to let the buyer know that it was a post-apocalyptic work. Finished the text with a more serious message that impressively shows the meaning of this area. It' not just about humanity against the psychless.... it's about more and you have to buy and study them to find out.

So now the big issue was: Have I really written a better text? ClickFu is a survey driven survey tool to help you test almost anything, such as your booksheets, product specifications and even website design. On this occasion I tried the two books in front of 100 persons, who were between 24 and 36 years old and are registered as enthusiastic novels.

Well, my description's better. As I was creating the poll, I wrote: What is your favorite textbook for Battlefield Earth? And, as you can see from some of the commentaries, folks read the poll and picked the one they thought best described the work.

It would have been a better test question: What cover text would you like to buy if you were reading it on an Amazon bookstore page? In this way it was not about which one describes the text better, but about which of the descriptions one wants to buy and use.

If I had formulated my questions better, I feel I would have had even better results. Now that you're sure you have a better job describing the books, it's a good idea to make the descriptions look good on Amazon. When inserting the descriptive text in Amazon, I made sure to use my Amazon descriptive generator to emphasize the best functions, awards and other relevant information.

Three important things have arisen from this amendment to the descriptions of the book: Built-in conversion 3x better. This means that 3x more users coming to the Amazon sell page will buy the album. So much they love the descriptions that they will use mine on the back covers in the next issue of the printed one.

Now the last phrase is used as the tagline for the book: "Galaxy's Fate is on Battlefield Earth" with the words Battlefield Earth as its name. Does my account descriptions hold back my books? Do I miss the ideal client because he comes to my selling side after all my promotional effort and is not sure this is the one?

Well, if so, then do what I just did and find the right way to describe your text. This is how I have written the text for a really popular textbook (which I accidentally love). So before you make your or someone else's job descriptions better, make sure:

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