How I Wrote a Book

As I wrote a book

By my book, I mean. Or at least the first draft. It was e-mailed to my editor just over a week ago, and I'm still catching up on sleep. I've been thinking a lot about writing this book. After all, I wrote this book because I am very passionate about the subject.

Writing a self-published book with ridiculous long status updates on Google Finder.

A few month ago I began to share excerpts from a textbook I wrote about Facebook everyday stats up-dates. However, they were definitely longer than a Facebook marketer would recommend a stat upgrade. Updating became longer. After all, my upgrades were more than 500 words. I' ve noticed a curious phenomen.

More and more folks have been looking at my work. Shortly afterwards I released my work The Small Army Strategy. One astonishing journalist, who had worked with a publishing house in her former lifetime, asked me to work on the work. I was found because she read my regular round-up. A lot of the folks who had read my monthly updated statuses bought and discussed the work.

Tonight the album has over 85 5-star review on Amazon, which I never would have foreseen. My first one made it clear to me that Facebook was a great way to test whether the footage in the story would resonate or not. This was the beginning of a drastic experience that I joke about calling careers self murder - one Facebook progress after another.

So, I chose to do the most open, fragile and rawest letter I had ever written in a very open forums. I began on my eighteenth year with a long essays entitled Observations of a Life that Hasn't Gone According to Plan. I updated over 1000 words daily:

Someone from my past, like someone I went to high school with, began to study my lyrics. I didn't realise that I had enough footage to write a self-released work. I had more than 20,000 words of Facebook update activity and ended up as a one.

I' ve written the whole volume through a number of Facebook stats up-dates.

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