How Hard is it to Write a Book

So how hard is it to write a book?

Bought A Hard Day's Write: Many people say they want to write and publish a book - for them this is synonymous with success. And even when I know these things, it is still hard for me to lead an ever better life. Somebody should write a book about how hard it is. I didn't write my book by itself.

Cause fiction is so difficult to spell

I' ve been a writer for.... well, quite possibly since I could do it. I have blogs that are visited by a thousand different readers. Just 1% of the literature I've ever done has been released. It'?s unbelievably difficult to be good. A lot of folks can make respectable non-fiction. Feel free to contribute a proper article to a blogs, a review at work or an article.

I will say that even though I am an exponent of the great letter: The fictions are very, very different. What are you reading books for? We are reading a fictional book to flee the rest of the underworld for a while - to get out of our own experiences, our own perspectives, our own consciousness.

That'?s why belles lettres have such a hard time. If I write a diary, I don't have to be worried. Honestly, after posting over a thousand blogs, it comes quite natural. If I' m gonna write a lone sequence in a novel, I have a whole bunch to do.

I could have brief, discreet sections in a non-fiction textbook; in a novel, the readership has to go through page by page, section by section, phrase by phrase. It' not possible to do it right on the first run with a fictional. You' ve seen some poor novels. Perhaps you gave up after a few pages or sections - you didn't take much notice of the character, so there was no point in continuing with your story - or the pace was so sluggish or so dangerous that you just couldn't get into the game.

Sometimes evil rhetoric isn't really evil handwriting. I have seen good, productive non-fiction authors who turn out to be ill-fated, because it is so much more difficult to correct them. When I' m typing a awkward phrase in a diary entry, you may have to skim it twice, but it's no biggie. You' re a little sidetracked anyway - on Twitter or Facebook (psst, you can twitter this posting if you enjoy it), or watch TV, or listen to it.

I make a bad line in my novel, you'll get torn off the record. When you' ve ever been so engrossed in a textbook that you miss your railway terminus, or didn't listen to anyone talk to you, or realized that somehow an entire afternoons has passed.... then you know how captivating and fictional it can be, how it can lead you into another time.

A few large non-fiction titles also do this - especially if you really deal with the subject - but it is quite a lot for proper literature. It'?s difficult to spell out. Real tough. You' ve probably been blogging and essaying and writing journalism for years, but your first novel will be harder than anything you've ever written.

That' s why so many authors have hidden an unreleased novel (or three in my case). It feels like you should concentrate on what you're already good at when you' re typing. You' re going to cross your boundaries in your typing.

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