How Hard is it to Write a Book

So how hard is it to write a book?

A lot of people think that writing a book is easy and that one day they will. Then why don't they write it? First I wrote four books that were rejected by agents and publishers. Fiction writing is incredibly difficult, much more difficult than writing non-fiction. What's the point of working so hard on this inexpressible thing called writing?

Do you find it difficult to publish a novel?

I' ve once heard a tale about how U2 write songs: four boys squash into a small recording studios to do jamming and provoking each other until something magic comes out, and all four get the song writing credentials. That' s how my three co-authors and I have written our novel Playbigger: Actually, our intro to the script begins:

That one you've got in your hand is from a group. "Our volume based accounting method was the most crazy, prolific and funny riding I've had in twenty years as a writer. Now, I want to make every single one. Strangely enough, the world of books doesn't seem to know what to do with a group.

This shop is designed for single writers or the casual duet. We even found that we were causing problems with Amazon's list of books algorithms. Composing as a volume is more closely related to the cooperative, free-flowing, socially motivated processes that have taken place in the 21st centuries. You wanted to make a notebook about what you learn as a start-up trainer.

You' d be bringing the classes and suggestions and I'd be talking about that at writing?-?roughly because the department wasn't so sober. We had some idea, then we took a rest to cycle to a place in the burritos, came back, worked on, got distracted, worked a little more and then opened the first ale while Christopher's woman, Kari Consentino (one of the great organizers of events in Silicon Valley), put together a legend.

So we think we ended up with a ledger that doesn't really sound like a ledger. As we were fooling around, we were gathering and discussing samples. I had a large dinner with Christopher, and I laid out the sections so that we could all see the work.

This would evoke more thoughts that we would put on Post-It Note and link to the corresponding section. Gradually we constructed a model library. In a few laps it was decided to post for ?which - which should be my work. It was a stony beginning to the composition making because everyone thought they were the author.

Have the author do it. So when Hollis Heimbouch, our HarperBusiness journalist, purchased the script, she said she was worried about how four of us would make a unique vote. Joking took me to a place other than Warner. Sloshing a couple of assholes into a ledger was a miracle for my mind.

When we were two sections inside, we had the voices that can be found in the text. During the intermeetings we used Slack?-?a to publish the latest papers, talk about an ideas, some research or messages relevant to the work. We' really built a manual on how some of our crews make music.

While we were working through the script, we met every months at Christopher's, and I put the latest copy of the script on the desk. We talked about the next section or two, skidded around in our minds, laid down post-its, dug deeply to find an idea. Hollis can confirm that the finished release we sent her was as pure as anything she ever did.

Our band's volume is much better than if I had done it myself. Had I met these boys and chosen to publish a novel about their idea and interview the regular way -- and type alone?-?how, would it have come out? I felt sorry for the first in my work as an writer when the letter ended.

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