How Hard is it to get Published

So how hard is it to get published?

Then, criticize and rewrite your work until it is of professional quality. You can either try to have your book published by a publisher, which is very difficult to achieve today, or publish it yourself as an ebook on Amazon, Smashwords, etc.. It' published by a good publisher, that's really hard. It' not impossible that it's getting harder and harder.

Short-story is one of the most difficult markets to break through.

You can ask the agent: Do I have a chance of being public?

While in first class, Chi rushed home one night and told his mom, "When I grew up, I'll be a great type of book!" "He was able to see the bright side of the times - from a high scholastic literature journalist to best-selling authoring, from speeches at authoring and publisher meetings to the representation of prestigious authors, Chip MacGregor is a cliché.

And I don't think anyone knows the chances. and that there were, I don't know, maybe ten million suggestions sent to agencies and writers and do this mathematics... Or there are a few thousand literature operatives in this land, and if they all get an annual 10,000 requests on board on general - well, as you can see, the chances are slim.

In fact, it is not a gamble. The number of seats is not limited and editors are working to find out who should stay in these seats. Almost every editor I know is just looking for good book that matches his line and that he can earn with it.

Concentrating on the opportunities in printing is a loss-making business. "How can an author help me get a better chance of winning a contract? When you have a great history, in terms of great typing, you have tired case basic cognitive process and polished the work, you person finished any investigation to kind doomed that the plan is a furniture for that instrumentality or that application, point your asset faculty significantly change because most different literate who send in a message person not finished that.

It' a lot of work, a lot of drudgery, and some very gifted guys will never make it big. I' ve seen some marvelous authors who never really had a stroke. Nevertheless, I am always looking for and trying to help great authors, because that is my profession - to find and grow talents.

So, do the best you can and try to move as many things as possible in your favour. I of course anticipate someone going into the comment area and saying: "If you choose to post your novel yourself, you have MUCH better chances of getting your work out!

In any case, publication with a legal publisher takes a lot of work and a little bit of happiness. One of the best things you can do to move the advantages into your favour is to become a great writer, to have a marvelous history, to polished your script, to do your research, to select the right medium and publisher, to be ready to go through the cycles and adhere with it.

Hey, if you have a query you've always wanted to ask an asset, post it in the comment area.

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