How Hard is it to become a Writer

So how hard is it to become a writer?

This is the case with writing. So, here are five hard truths about writing: To be good is not good enough. It' has nothing to do with your writing skills. And" everything" I mean" rejection".

and the 5 hard facts about the letter.

Sometimes when you do something you like, you come across the truths. This is the case with typing. Lettering, as a profession and a trade, includes policy. When you want to live as a writer - when you want to flourish - you should be learning the facts.

So, here are five hard truth about writing: Don't think you'll come across your own luck over night. It'?s simple, but hard to use. For no-name papers, you must author before you can publish an item in the Wall Street Journal. There'?s no need to make a living before you make some cash.

Sooner or later, you might make some good cash. It'?s lonely to write. Or in other words... you better like it. You' ve got to like to write to survive the storm long enough to see any kind of payout. However, if you write for your heart, for the excitement of your work, and somehow earn your living with your passions - then welcome to the team.

If you need more suggestions, please have a look at my free eBook, The Author's Manifesto. What is a hard reality that you have uncovered?

What is it like to live as a writer?

When you want to type SCREENPLAYS, NOVELS, SHORT STARIES, your odds get a little better and your earnings pin shakes, but you probably need another day's work until you make it big. It' still HARD. TOURNALISM? Twenty years ago, printed journalists passed away and some folks are just heeding it.

Though you may not make acceptable monies these days in printing journalism at all unless you are an NYT columnist, let's say. Yes, in BROADCAST/NETWORK MEDIA you can earn some extra cash, but not if you're just a writer. Not only do you have to be good at writing, you also have to be able to get in front of the cameras and supply the material like a professional, which is not easily.

When you are an introverted writer, keep away from any kind of journalists. A way to earn certain (but still not "easy") cash is to become a COPY WRITER, BUSINESS WRITER or a TECHNICAL WRITER. When you can create whitepapers, meeting proceedings, promotional and advertising materials, instruction books, help file, SOP manual, etc., you will earn enough cash; enough cash to settle your invoices and maybe even buy a home and drive your child to school.

I have been a writer since 1998 and have earned enough to take charge of my own families, while also composing scripts and poetry for which I have not yet earned a cents.

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