How Hard is it to become a Published Author

What is the difficulty of becoming a Published Author?

I was hit hard by the urge to write more. When you feel sold out, run. When you really want to be an author, you can do that. However, I remember feeling soooooo overwhelmed. Irrespective of which option you choose, the difficult part about publishing is marketing.

Becoming a published author: It' s Not What You Think

Wrathfulness was denied for five years. A myriad of relation logs were on the bookshelves, none about women's rage and few of them were founded on a sound model of the transformation processes. No, I wanted to wear an armour (or at least a wetsuit) to prevent me from the pains of refusal, but I never hardened.

There was a serious need for a novel about women's rage (and what to do with it) and I knew my work was worthwhile. A few folks seem to make the refusal drip off their backs. However, when you are an honest, open-hearted human being, you are not immunity to the terrible emotions that a refusal can cause.

Irrespective of whether the refusal refers to charity, fellowship or work. I' ve never met an honest, open-hearted man who loves to be refused. In the end, my title was offered for a small deposit after it was turned down by almost all the publishers in the state. One young writer called Janet Goldstein (Bless you Janet) chose to buy it, at the same a young and then unfamiliar author called Barbara Kingsolver.

Why did I become a succesful author? I' ve learnt that the line between a New York Times bestseller author and someone who never gets published is very thin. As with the remainder of your lifetime, the publisher community is not always just. I always said that I could paper the largest room in my home with rejection vouchers from my first album.

Becoming a published author | Writing a novel

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