How Hard is it to be an Author

So how hard is it to be a writer?

It was extremely difficult! It's such a great metaphor for what it's like to be a writer. Hard as it is, it happens all the time. Here's what I've learned over the last year and a half: writing a book is hard. " Well, duh!

", you might say to yourself.

What's so hard about saying, "I'm a writer."

Because practicability is the keystone of a conscientious adulthood. You worked hard to build the crate you were in. You have gone to high school, you have acquired this level of proficiency, you have sweat and scraped and your way up the corporative ladder bleeds out one obstinate stave after another. Childrenhood fantasies?

Who' s got a minute for them? Two of the most important dates in your career are the birth and the date on which you find out why. To me, the thing that is really something and if it is for you, then I am here to let you know that you have to tell that you are an author.

However, a slice of you - that holy inner whispering for you to take a risk, pursue your dream and do something ?will - ?that Practise disregarding it long enough, and you will not even be able to listen to it, and before you know it, you have been living your whole lifetime in an eternal state of Groundhog Sunday.

You' re gonna have to kill this sneaky person you like. Do you want to lead your own lives and let others tell you how you are feeling, what you say and what you do? And if so, then they' re comfortable for you! Seriously, I don't think there's anything that has made me unhappier than the folks I like, that is, to measure my self-esteem by what others think of me.

That'?s the way I've been living my whole being. Then, if someone around me thought (or I thought they thought) that something I could say or do (say being an author) was inconvenient, or dumb or not possible, then I appreciate what - so I did it. It made me really miserable for a really long while.

When you fight with this the way I have, it might feeling like a lie to tell the other that you are an author. I' m here to tell you that if you put words on hard copy; if you have tales to tell - of any kind - you is an author, and you have to stop having someone else prescribe your visions and what you want to do with your being.

You' ve got to let other folks know. Only that you say it, because every goddamn moment you do it, there's a little part of you that is listening and nodding in agree. "And every goddamn thing you say it, it gets a little bit simpler to say it nextie. I may be a writer after all.

You want to end your career with a pile of if and but? Quite a lot of folks. When you have the option, most of us do. It'?s hard to write. That part you work so hard to hide because some lazy someone could stomp on it.

You tell them you' re a writer. Join other authors and help each other work on designs by participating in our (free) slack-scene.

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