How Fast can you Write a novel

What is the speed of writing a novel?

Are you following me on Facebook or Twitter? Attempt to finish every story you write in a certain time (and some of them. Which is the shortest time you have ever written a book/novel? You can prioritize the important scenes that you cannot skip or omit. For example, you will learn how to do it:

strong>1 ) Begin with an outline.

It' almost No WriMo season! To those of you who don't know, National Novel WoWriMo represents National Novel WoWriting Monday and it's a great experience that takes place every November when writers around the globe take on the challenges of composing a novel (equivalent to 50,000 words or more) in a mon. Being someone who publishes four more volumes a year, every single one of my days is almost a Wellcome.

So, yeah, I know a thing or two about insane words. That' s why I have chosen this NaNoWriMo to give you my 5 hints on how to get many words on the site every working days, so you can begin to stack the popular NaNoWriMo-Badge on November the first.

A magical number of 50,000 words in 30 working nights is 1,667 words per working days. And I know, I know, you "pants-people" out there, those who like to write at the bottom of their trousers instead of planning ahead of schedule, are shuddering right now. If you want to write a novel in 30 working hours, you need to know at least a little what this novel is about.

Sure, you could write 30 day meaningless background stories and accidental characters research, but the name of the game is National Novel Writing Month, not National Point Free Backup and Random Char. So, do yourself a favor: before you start sitting down on November 1, try to get an impression of where the plot is going.

From Blake Snyder, a plot and structural script for scriptwriters, which I am currently working on adaptation for novel. But, since my novel release won't be available in 2018, you should begin with Blake's work. Or, if you don't have enough free reading space and just need a Save the Cat course, please click here to get my free Save the Cat for Novell Starter Kits.

Akt 1 - Setup: Who is your characters, what are their mistakes, what are their main issues and what will be sending them on the voyage of your novel. When you can at least get a general impression of these three things, you will not only end NaNoWriMo, but end it with something that actually looks like a finished novel.

It' about the number of words. I' never really work on the fiction while I'm composing it. Yes, I always want to come back to what I wrote and begin to tinker with it. To write a novel in 30 working hours, or what I call "Fast Drafting", is a question of forward dynamics.

After all, one moment you're repairing a wrongly spelled words and the next you' re asking yourself if it's really the right one? Then, two inches later, you ripped your whole novel to shreds and got caught in an online spoilage while talking to nomophobes in a portable room.

Yeah, your letter's gonna stink. You are astonishing at working on fucking paper. It is your task to write as much as possible in 30 workdays. Otherwise, if you waste all your hard-earned hours working on it now, they won't be anything for you ('cause you didn't write any new words!) and then you'll be sorry because they'll be unemployed.

So, yes, write terrible, but write a heck. The best thing I can do is to begin a new Microsoft Office doc every single workday. Yes, it makes it more difficult to determine the overall number of words, but it's rewarding. Don't let them write you down. It' the quickest way to end a novel. Or, as I always say, don't be scared to write bull.

Dare to go to a desk that doesn't have the web. Or if you can't dare to do something about it yourself, buy a ministry like Freedom that turns off your web for a certain amount of while. If your only task is to get words on the site, leave at least 1 hours of totally continuous, no browsing per workday.

There you are: You write like the breeze, the web is over, you don't look back, you don't work and then....BOOM! It' the goddamn opening for this novel. It' going to turn this novel into a work of work. May I just go back and enter it?

What happens when you write in this bright new notion and it triggers a whole new notion for the next film? Then, before you know it, you rewrite, not more. But, of course, you don't want to ignore this great notion. This can be in a Microsoft Office spreadsheet, notepad, Evernote or even in a spreadsheet application.

I' m writing down all my thoughts for this ingenious transformation and all the other ingenious changes that come to mind. As soon as I have completed the untidy, shitty first sketch of the novel, I have a nicely tidied to-do-list, which I can put into practice during my work. As soon as I completed the novel, I had so many MORE and BETTER things to fix that half the things on that book don't even work.

Isn' t it great that I haven't spent all this goddamn good times making changes when things would just go back to them? It is the ultimative saving of drawing times and the quintessence of fast drawing. If you don't finish it, you'll be saving yourself so much effort with all the following rework you'll have to do.

You can now only put the best of the best into practice and remove all the old, outdated notions that once seemed so bright from your lists. In fact, the whole writing fellowship is quite astonishing. When you enter your postcode, they will compare you to other companies in your area that you can work with personally to write together.

One of my favourite things to do with other authors is sprinting words. Then, you all write as much as you can in these 30 mins. I' ll write to you all under the desk! There' s NO amount of processing that takes place when fame is at stake. It doesn't have to be No WriMo to sprint a single orgasm.

I and my writers buddies do verbal prints all the while. If you want to write more and jump one of the words, begin another. I found that I can write up to 2,000 words in just a few 30-minute jumps. Most difficult to complete a novel is the completion of a novel.

It' the quickest way to never finish a novel. Like you can't edit a novel until it's finished. Have a naked base laid, then you can go back inside and begin to fill in the wall and hang up the pictures and decide what colour carpet should be used in the bedroom.

So, turn off the web, abduct the inner Perfektionist and put these untidy 50,000 words on the page as quickly as possible. For more advice on how to maximize your everyday vocabulary, take a look at my Productivity Hacks for Writers workshops, which include all my policies and best practices to be more prolific and get the most out of each and every one.

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