How Easy is it to Write a Book

So how easy is it to write a book?

However, it is now easier than ever to publish yourself. It' very easy to write a bad book. Our aim is to give you enough theory to encourage your imagination and make the writing process easier for you. Hang your reader in the first paragraph and make it impossible to put down your book. This is the fun part of the job.

Isn' it easy to write a book?

It' very easy to write a lousy book.

It'?s different to write a great book. There aren't many writers who write one.

It'?s difficult to write your first good book. Real tough. I' d suggest that if you're thinking of doing a book, you ask yourself three questions:

We' re just talkin' about a couple hundred writers.

To write a book is easy

I wrote and released a book, how do I market it now?

It is certainly not easy to say the truth.

In addition, the ten best-selling titles are on show.

Now, where can I find a copy in my bookshop?

Those I no longer listen to, who obey the rules that if you don't make it at first, you give up, and they're all long gone.

Her book is in alphabetic order on the back of the bookstore.

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