How Easy is it to Publish a Book

Is it easy to publish a book?

It may sound simple to write a book description, but it is not. Whittenbury, author and publishing consultant, offers you solid advice on selling your book without financial investment. More about formatting an ebook and print book with Vellum. As one finds simple markets to publish his books. First authors help you to publish your book quickly, easily and cost-effectively!

Publish a book yourself in 10 easy stages

It is easy to order. I am not a mother tongue of English. and proof-reading to make me feel like a mother -tongue writer. Please let me edit and proof-read my magazine articles, my doctoral thesis or my semester thesis, or I need help with an admission application or suggestion. Please send me your comments, criticism, proofreading, review of my work or a questionnaire-packet.

All I need is proof-reading and reviewing my whitepapers, reviews, manuals, newsletters, promotional material and other corporate documentation. I' d like to be professionally sounded and adjusted. have a résumé, a cover note, an e-mail or a private file that I need to have corrected.

Publisher by trdition - simple, just and professionally

Why is trdition so special? Our seasoned staff supports our writers during the editing and editing processes by e-mail or directly on the phone. If so, we will thoroughly review your book before it is published to make sure it is flawless. In order to secure the best possible chances of selling, our market strategies are comprehensive and our products are sold in bookstores all over the world.

Getting yourself published on Kindle in three easy stages

Once you've chosen to publish your novel, book or storyline yourself, the simplest way to publish yourself on Kindle and Amazon's website is through Kindle Direct Publishing a... It' so easy, you have to be mad to be paying someone to do it! I am a commercial writer now, but I get the frustration when I try to get into the traditional publishers, because it has taken me ten years to make my big breakthrough.

Prior to getting my contract, I released a little Veronika with KDP, with humble results - she was in the top 50 of the Amazon. Self-publication has the benefit of bringing your work to market, which can attract interest and generate revenue. So I went through the Kindle self-publishing pathway and learned a few things.

Upcoming on Kindle? Amazon's two major rivals, Apple and Barnes & Noble, both maintain to have achieved a 20% or better eBook penetration, giving Amazon a 60% presence. However, polls of self-published writers have shown that Amazon's percentage of self-published eBook purchases is much higher - more 80-85%.

Be it 60% or up to 85%, Amazon is by far the largest of them. It is also easy to use and that makes the whole sales of Amazon storylines relatively easy. If you want to publish a novel, a book or a brief history on Amazon, the trial is the same.

First, you must register here for Amazon's KDP program. Subtitle, series, edition number, publisher, language, publication date, ISBN. Since you publish your own work yourself and thus have the copyrights and can legitimately distribute your history on Amazon, choose This is not a publication work and I keep the necessary publication rights. No.

And if you want a really professional-looking book, you should even have your documents converted to Amazon's Kindle-specific HTML file before you start it. The simplest way was to use Komodo Edit to transform the formated script into Kindle-specific HTML. But now that we're making things easy, I suggest you submit the script and have Amazon resize it for Kindle.

Once you have generated a HTML document, you can use Amazon's Kindle Previewer, a downloaded Kindle-Emulator to see what your book will look like on different kinds of Kindle. I found that my book looks good on one kind of Kindle without cautious optimization, but not on another.

With the Kindle Previewer you can quickly change between the Kindle editions and see what the book will look like for each of them. The Kindle Previewer is available here. Select Activate if you want to make it more difficult to copy your book, or Do Not Activate if you want to make your book available without restriction.

Once you have loaded the text, there is an on-line preview to verify that it still looks right. You have two ways to create your own artwork or use the template-based Covers Creator. You are advised to create your own artwork. Book covers are crucial to attract audiences, and a template-based approach stands out less from the masses.

Above you can see how the front page I made for Veronika looks on the Kindle. It doesn't have to be hard to design your own album. I' m going through the design phase of a book in How to make a bookover. You will need a photo editor to resize the artwork and include the song and your name as the name.

Free and easy to use photo editors I suggest are iPiccy and Pixlr. iPiccy is here and Pixlr is here. Though the most popular children are only shown in color, the covers should also be in color. The Kindle Fire and Kindle iPhone, Windows, etc. can show color.

Just click on Search for picture..... select the picture you created and click on Upload picture. If you only want a single artwork, use the Covers Creator. The book will then be available for purchase on various Amazon websites around the globe. They can determine the tariffs globally automatic, on the basis of the US Amazon tariff, or adjust their tariffs for different areas.

Self-publication on Kindle: Last Steps - Publish! Just click on the button Store and Publish. Your book will be sold in all Amazon shops around the globe in a few time. You see - I was telling you it's easy to publish yourself on Kindle! Soon your book may also be on the Amazon bestseller list!

Also publish a pocket book! It is much more rewarding to have your book in your hand, and it gives you much more credit than an editor. Amazon is the simplest way to buy a pocket book at Amazon and like KDP it is totally free. Have a look at publishing on crew space the easy way for my step-by-step explanations and hints.

For similar shorts you can also register for my free monthorial. I would like to talk about the self-publication of books and Amazon shorts, please send me an e-mail.

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