How do you Start a Short Story

So how do you start a short story?

Shall we start with a lecture to counteract the many lectures you have heard about the art of short story? ABOUT NOT OPENING A SHORT STORY I' d rather urge you to do things, not to be discouraged, but back to short storytelling, I can't help but point out some very frequent traps I've seen over and over again for years. So, here goes, in no particular order, half a doze things you should never do on the first page of a short story:

It' a story about a journey to Mars.

Let's see what else happens when the story continues. One good journalist does not want to "bury the leadership".

This section does not explain more about the action, the settings and the signs than is necessary to get to the next section.

There was a lady next to her and she cried. Maybe it is the most sad, craziest and savage story in the whole long story of outer space. You see how we know that there will be a certain amount of sorrow here, but nevertheless the first section ends with a glimmer of optimism? It is more interesting to tell a story about someone who rises above poverty than to tell a story about someone who indulges in it.

The horrible stereotype can take a number of shapes, but these two seem to be the most common: start with the summarizing section in the Lead newspaper and end with a twist: if I had a buck for every short story I ever saw, starting with one line after another, most of which go nowhere, I'd be a rich man.

In fact, I have reviewed all the tales in The Science Fiction Century, published by David G. Hartwell, and not a one of the 45 tales in this book (from which my good cases come) begins with a series of unwritten dialogues.

Begin right in the heart of the scene.

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