How do you Start a novel

So how do you start a novel?

You have an idea, but you are not sure how to start? "That's where editors and frahlings generally start starting a novel is exciting, but finishing it - that's the real challenge. That's why I'm starting the series "Rules of Revision" on this blog. Click here to start (A Novel). List of words beginning with Novel (words with the prefix Novel).

There are three things no one will tell you when you begin your second novel

After spending the last ten years without any guarantees of publishing, it felt exceptional to be sitting down to compose novel number two (which was actually novel number four - I have two unreleased books struggling on my harddisk - but let's not divide our hair) know that it would be out there.

If the publisher who fell in Love with my first (third) novel didn't like it? Prior The Fire is a very different story than Ten Things I've Learnt About Love. That' s what it's all about. This was the one I wanted to do, but I was afraid that it was too different and that no one would like it.

After writing and publishing it (my journalist says she loves it even more than Ten Things), I am happy about its distinction and realize that the result of my earlier phrase is more proof of my own fear than a mirror image of the real world. I' m at the beginning of my carreer and I have no wish to be classified.

It' called the Syndrom of the second record, the hard second novel. Well, I think yes, it's hard, but it' hard to make a novel, period. But with number two, you know you can actually type a novel. Number one - if you ask yourself in the center why you even got into the goddamn thing - you don't know you can get to the end because you've never done it before.

If you' re banging around in the center of number two and wonder why you even got into the goddamn thing, at least you know you can - you can! What I found most difficult was to move from familiar inside and outside of me to new, paperboard edouts I didn't know about and horrible, nasty sentiments.

You' re holding your textbook in your hand; they tell you they were reading it and it mattered to them; you are reading at meetings and folks are nodding and smiling and not falling over. You will be kidnapped at literary fairs in terms of luck/timeliness/marketing budget, winning awards, having your books interpreted, receiving press-report.

What is all very thrilling (and sometimes nerve-wracking or disturbing or just weird); but it's not a letter. Sitting down to type your second novel, and for all the worry, difficulty and frustration of each novel, you are back in the place that counts: you and the words.

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