How do you Sell a Book to a Publisher

What is the best way to sell a book to a publisher?

If you have a wife (whose main task is to sell your raw work - your manuscript - to a publisher), you have a publisher who pays you money for your work. This usually takes the form of an advance payment, which (if you are doing well) is supplemented by further royalties on the sale of the book. The publishing and selling of books is a very competitive field, and all possible ways have advantages and disadvantages. Are you interested in registering your books with Powell's Books? Don't get me wrong - I sold an acceptable number of copies of the MALW book and made several thousand totally estimated dollars of it.

Sell like 130,000 works without a publisher

I had a look at Adam Croft on the tweets on the links and I just had to ask for more information. Editors are screaming and screaming from the roofs that e-publishing is not the right way and that every publisher still needs a publisher. I' m well aware of this because I was an unfamiliar novelist who was able to sell 130,000 titles in my first year without a publisher, no advertising budgets and no previous work.

Lots of ressources will tell you just to type and let the judging industries choose which type it is, but so many of my unreleased writers keep keeping me saying that their published works are declined by editors because of not fit into a pre-made type. You have to be sure that you are in your own head because you have to choose and authenticate your own style when you publish it yourself.

While I voluntarily acknowledge that happiness has been a big part of my achievement, I also publish my aims openly: for someone I didn't know - a total stranger to me - it was initially to study my book and tell me what they thought of it. All of these objectives were reached within six month of the completion of my first book simply because I had defined objectives that I knew I wanted to attain.

Usually they have to be journalists, publishing houses, PR manager and upholsterers. I' ve advertised my textbooks a lot with Twitter and Facebook, both important nowadays. Complimentary book gifts are always a good way to spark new interest; one of my most popular ways has been to provide free copy of my book to a certain number of new Twitter fans on a certain date.

Attempt this and you will find that you will receive a surprise number of new Twitter fans very quickly. So if you have a boyfriend who's a commercial artist, why don't you ask him to do your artwork for you? But when I published my third book, I had made enough to hire a book art artist and a BBC videoproducer to put together a YouTube trail.

Good lecturers and writers can also be good acquaintances (provided they have a good command of English and are very good readers). Forward your book to a few of your buddies or acquaintances and ask them to be brutal and straight. How can you work out? Use the Kindle online book distribution programme is the fastest and best way to get your book to the consumer bookstore.

After that, I would strongly advise you to use smash words to get your book to the other big market as soon as possible. First of all, I made my book available free of cost to arouse interest. Now they sell as well (if not better) as expensive titles. Amazon's Createspace programme is very recommendable to print paperbacks of your book at a decent cost.

After ordering a stack of'real' book, I organized a book signature in one of my bookstores to arouse interest locally. Your history is also likely to be of interest to your favourite newspaper and station. You can tell everyone - your boyfriends, your folks, the guy in the bar - everything about your new book and that it's been out.

In the past I used to have the tiresome tendency to ask those kids on the train to see if they'd seen my book. Once they meet you, they'll more than likely be downloading your book. Telephoned your neighbourhood papers and broadcasters and let them know that you have just finished a new book.

Often these stores scream for genuine novelties and will be more than glad to publish an essay about you. It was one of my most important early instruments for my bookmaking.

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