How do you Publish your own Book

What is the best way to publish your own book?

That'?s exactly what Brandon Nolte did. Do you want to sell it online?

You can publish your own book as a sport, healthcare or fitnesspro.

Ever dreamt of releasing your own book? Do you want to be a writer and exchange your know-how and findings with others? For years, many people in the worlds of sport, gym and healthcare have been dreaming of having their own book or their own reports published. When you have the concept and have written the book, we can help you.

We provide layout for the book, covering designs, graphic art and photographs. Your idea will be evaluated by the editors. They are writing the book and maintaining contacts with the editors. The screenplay is ready and will be checked and processed by the team. Her book is drafted and released.

You' ll get an yearly licence per book you sell. Use therefore an inventive book conception with a clear group. This book can be released as a hardback, bookback or e-book. They can even consider publishing dissertations, dissertations or research reports. We will treat your data and your offer in the strictest confidence and will not sell, reuse or pass them on in any other way.

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