How do you make a Book

So how do you make a book?

In this video you can see how to "weave" a fully functional "slot & tab" book. This DIY Mini Origami books are super endearing and even easier to make. How to create your own! First you will receive a square sheet of sample paper. Cut in half in the middle - this time a "Hamburger Falte".

Making an origami book

Handmade textbooks are nice, personal presents. Beautifully endearing and much simpler to make. Stage 1: Take a sheet of empty sheet of sheet material and half-pleat it in the longitudinal direction to form a long, thin square. Reopen the document. Stage 2: Half-width pleat the sheet to create a bold, brief square.

Stage 3: Halffold the top cover and align the bottom side of the sheet with the top pleat. Stage 4: Turn your wrapping around and do the same with the other side. You should have a W-shape on your sheet. Stage 5: Trim along the centrefold and stop at the bottom of the W. Stage 6: Folds the sheet in half and follows the previously made folds.

Stage 7: Combine the pages into a book. Stage 8: To make the book binding, place the book on the back of a scrapbooking or carton. Follow the outlines of your book. Stage 9: Trim the sleeve and unfold it in the middle. Apply a small amount of adhesive around the inside of the envelope and insert the album.

It may take a few moments to push the final book under something hard (like another book). Or you can make decorations to make it your own. When you' ve used an empty box for the front of your sleeve, paint your favourite cartoon characters on the front or put shaky faces, pens and a bill to make them look like a real birds.

Create a necklace from your favourite pictures or embellish with sparkling adhesive, marker or sticker. Would you like a book with more pages? Create several brochures by following the instructions in step 1-7, stick the brochures together and then insert your sleeve. Simply make sure your envelope is large enough to contain all of your pages.

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