How do you know the Publisher of a website

Where do you know the publisher of a website?

I would like to know the correct CSE citation for the following URL: To find the owner or publisher of a website, the easiest way is to go to the WHOIS website, find the WHOIS section and search for the domain name. I' ve found a website without name, date or publisher - how can I refer to it? library services

FrontpageHelp and HelpI found a website without name, date or publisher - how can I refer to it? They should be able to identify the publisher by verifying the link to the homepage. If I don't find the required credential in the OU -Harvard credential citation guidelines, what happens?

Locate the date on which a website was first posted on the web.

Each " published " website has three deadlines, which are available on the Internet: Publishing date - the date on which an item or website is posted to a published website for the first time, where people and major web sites can find and use it. Indicated date - this is the date when web page is first discovered by SEOs.

Considering that Google has become so good at browsing new contents, the date of the first crack is often the same as the date actually published (#1). Searchengines often browse websites every few business hours, sometimes several business hours a business year.

If you are posting an article, the publication date of the website is provided, but in a situation where the date is not given (or you think that this date is incorrect), you can use a basic Google-Hack to know when a website or webomain was last posted on the web.

From, copy the full web page link to the Google website using the inurl: server operators (e.g. Go to the browsers adressbar ( "Ctrl+L in Firefox & Chrome or Alt+D in Internet Explorer) and copy "&as_qdr=y15" at the end of the Google query source code. It will reload the results, but this year you will see the real date of the web page next to the track in the Google results as shown in the above window.

Since Google can crack the page the minute it is posted on the web, the date it indexes is often correct in the results. But if the contents of a web page were modified after the first Google crackl, the publication date can be the date of the last edit, not the date of the first indexing or publication.

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