How do you know if you are a good Writer

I was wondering if you were a good writer.

12Characters You're not really a novelist. As with every other author in the whole wide planet, except perhaps Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and this lady who has written those raped bonus book, I sometimes wonder if I am a true author or not. There are 12 characters here that you're not really a novelist.

You are definitely not a novelist if 4 or more of them are true for you.

It' good to think about your typing, but take a damn rest now and then. You always force it, it's not genuine. Genuine authors don't waste every awakened minute trying to find things to read about. Sure, a poor recension of what you thought your career-determining work would bring you down, but if you can't stand critique, then you're not really a novelist.

That applies in particular to constructional criticisms. You' re the guy who thinks that every little review is an assault on your literary ability, you' re not. Denial beats you up every single mile. Refusal is part of the letter. Genuine authors who are turned down do one of two things: file somewhere else or rework their fucking letter.

It' good to be able to read every single one. It' great if you want to take your sweetheart' minutes to type or have everyday targets for counting words. However, if you have the feeling of losing something as a author for a whole days without having to type, then you are not a author. One does not forgetting how to spell, because one goes a days or two without doing it.

You think everything you spell is good? You' re definitely not a novelist. Well, even great authors have a lot of crap in their repertoires. Some of the best authors in the hemisphere release less than 25% of what they do. But on the other hand, if you never think that your letter is good, then you are not a novelist.

Random self-doubts are really chilly and everything, but if you think that everything you type is crap, then it probably does. but don't call yourself a novelist. It is not necessary to make a livelihood from literature to become a novelist, but if you have never earned a penny, then you are not (yet) a novelist.

Particularly in today's modern life, where there are so many ways to earn a few dollars here and there as a novelist (hell, self-publishing on Amazon and selling a copy to your mother). Because you made some cash with your letter doesn't mean you're a novelist. Yeah, it's probably ticking you off a little that 50 Shades of Grey have been selling billions of units, although it's widely regarded as complete crap.

Some bullshit is selling. When you' really pissed off at everyone else's bookstore, you' re not a true author. They have not yet been released. Many authors have waited years for their work to be released. It' okay to think about why you haven't been released (not enough commercially, not the right material sent, not sent to the right places, etc.).

However, if you come up with frenzied ideas about why you were not released, then you are not a novelist. Authors are writing. When you just sit around and think, "Oh, I' m sorry, am I a writer?", then you're not a novelist. You just keep your mouth closed and start writing. Whatever kind of author you are, you need some real-life experience.

Vocabulary lyricists, poetry lovers, novels. And even if you haven't been in your room for five years, it's an incredible record. When you can't find inspirations from your own lives, you're not a novelist. Okay, so you may not approve of this mailing lists, but if they really piss you off, then you can't be a novelist.

I don't think a true author would get angry about something so mundane. You are a novelist or not? Sharing your results, or just telling all your true author buddies to piss off.

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