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This is an article about the ideas for your self-published book. Early sharing of books with your child can help create a lifelong reader. We have made it easy for you to use these tips and resources. Booksworms can see some serious benefits for their health and happiness. We show you how to become a book blogger and get free books.

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Our range of inspiring travel guides is available in printed, audio and audio book format. Every book is composed by speakers from Do Lectures, an international conference in West Wales and California whose thoughts have been inspiring others to go and do. It is our goal to restore the same beneficial changes in book shape - be it mastering a new ability or handicraft, a basic mind shift or a dash of inspiring to help you get into it.

The Do Lectures will receive a license fee of 5% of the sales revenue in order to reach the goal of a successful transformation. Every book is quite brief, about 100 pages, because it concentrates on "doing" and not on backgroundtheory. In 2013 we started the series with five volumes and one year later one more.

Now we have 18 printed volumes - and more on the way! Hopefully you will like our book and find it useful.

The reason why hardcover book covers appear before paperbacks

The Man Booker Award was presented on October 14 to The Narrow Road to the Deep North, Richard Flanagan's shocking story about Burma's POWs. As with most of the nominees, Mr. Flanagan's work is only available in bound form in most stores.

With a length of 22 cm, a depth of 464 pages and a weight of more than half a kilogramme, it is not comfortable to take them with you. Next year, a light and inexpensive pocketbook issue will be released in both of them. However, why do you first publish your book in the hardcover size?

Paperbacks were introduced in the nineteenth and early nineteenth centuries and became widespread in mainland Europe. This began in the 1930' s in the UK and America, when publishing houses like Penguin and New American Library began mass-producing inexpensive but well-designed copies of older text for a new breed of hardcover readership.

Hardcover was the answer. However, those stocks that should be selling well are often first hardcovered. "Narrow Road to the Deep North" has shiny reds, others have stamped envelopes or caption. As soon as hardcover selling slows down, a pocket book issue appears. Hardcover printing is usually sold in larger quantities but with lower profit margin.

A number of editors release their hardcover issues just before Christmas to observe the gifts markets before they publish the pocket book issue in good season. It proves to be hard-wearing for all those who speak of the deaths of the workbook. Those who oppose the costs of hardcover by queuing for paperbacks now have an even less expensive, easier and more environmental friendliness than before.

"For example, The Narrow Road to the Deep North" is now available as an e-book and costs less than £6 (or $10). Historically, a book has been thought to be four fold more pocket-sized than hardcover, but some recent publications have been selling more hardcover than pocketbook, as pocket book users turn to e-books.

However, many are optimistic that the robust hardcover will last.

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