How do I Write a novel

What do I do to write a novel?

To write a good book is something every fiction writer strives for. If authors ask for help in writing a book, a popular question is: "Is my idea good enough? That sounds simple, because you have the story in your head, but - what is it? New writing is a very rewarding but challenging experience (even for experienced authors). I wanted to write novels.

So how long does it take to compose a novel?

How long does it take to compose a novel? So how long does it take to compose a novel? Each author is different, and each of the books is different, so this is a break-down of how long I have worked on LET ME LEAR.

It was my plan for three. I was on the way home from a rendezvous with my journalist to talk about the design of a textbook that didn't really work (for all the reason mentioned in the article at the beginning of this article). So I sent a summary of the platoon by e-mail to my journalist, who liked it as much as I did.

I SEE YOU's pocket guide was published in April and dealt with signing books and conducting in-depth discussions. So if you ever look up your favorite writer and wonder how long it will take to compose a novel, and why there is no other, take a look at her event journal!

The first LET ME LEAD design was completed at the end of May and sent to my editors. So.... *counts months* how long does it take to compose a novel? No, because a first design is (for me anyway) not a complete novel. I' ve been looking forward to the insights a good journalist gives into a script.

While my deadlines for the first bill were variable (when it is ready, give it to us), there was a sudden immobile deadline: my editors went on motherhood vacation. I started to work more intimately with another journalist in the editorial staff to make the hand-over as seamless as possible, and I got my mind down and worked hard as ever in my Iife.

After my run and my stroll (the only breath of freshness I probably got) I began to work at 10 o'clock, but I didn't stop until 8 or 9 o'clock in the afternoon. On August 7th I sent the second design to my editorial office(s) and eventually relax. So I went to London and they went home to unwrap the RV and solve a little issue with the top while we were away.... On my editor's last working days I saw her and my new writer to talk about what else was to be done on LET ME LAY.

It' had been completely rewarding the effort to make sure that both writers could see the second design. The third design of LET ME LIE was straightforward; it was about improving the tempo and the suspense, optimizing the character and smoothening everything.

It is always my favorite design - like the decoration of a room when all plastering work is finished! So I had a few bloody Scotland festivals and got the definitive design on schedule at the end of the letter. The ( (new) journalist showed me the suggested sleeve and I liked it.

I used to do line and copy operations seperately, but this case we did both. On October 25th I was ready and the script was proofread. They are A4 prints in which each page of the text is designed as it appears in the completed work. It is the last possibility that an editor will record all typing errors that have hatched through the net (there will always be some, even after this phase!) and make last changes, even if they can't be too big, otherwise the whole volume has to be set again, with great effort.

I sent the hardcopy back by registered mail on November 15, and my editors made the changes and sent the copy to the printer. Read aloud specimens (also referred to as galley proofs) were sent to writers, editors, book blogs and retail outlets over Christmas and into the New Year. Throughout this period, early quotations and responses were added to the book's lists on various sites, and my editors began compiling a hardcover, emailook, and sound relaunch commercial and advertising schedule on March 8.

There' s a birth of a novel! So how long does it take to compose a novel? I' m in my case about a year, and now I'm in the midst of the most nerve-wracking part of it: the period just before the date of it. There' only one way to distract me.... it's and it' s writing another one.

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