How do I Write a novel

What do I do to write a novel?

It is hard to find the time to adapt it around a day job and children. Learn the basics of novel writing to write an indisputable book. This is not the case on reality TV or with chocolate or martinis, but when writing. I' m just a normal person. Well, if I can do it, so can you.

Writing a novel in six month's time

The first sketch of my 300-page novel was completed in six month. You wonder how you can compose a novel in a few month? Do you want to begin and end your novel in just six-month? Yes, you can complete a novel in six month, but I suggest you set a target that will not be reached in six-month.

However, the choice of a starting date in a single day, or in a single day, gives you enough preparation for yourself and your novel. A way to get ready for the challenge of taking out a novel in six and a half is to practise your typing on a regular basis. For example, you may want to post your own newsletters on a regular basis.

Maybe you could just spend an extra lesson aweek on this one. It is the first stage in making typing a custom. This is the right moment to start learning what it is like to plan your work, what times of your working life are most useful and whether it is important to have a meal before you start work.

Practise to write periodically to find out what you need to achieve your goals without the pressures of a novel that emerges above you. Before I started to write, I had my novel worked out very carefully. However, I have written long enough for this diary to know that the typing environment is split into two camps: "planners" like me and "pants" who like to pass the bottom of their heels.

Although you're a Pantser, I think it's still a good idea to make a deal, even if it's not the whole novel. Maybe you can design a basic abstract that will help you keep track of things as you work. In order to complete a novel in six month, you probably have to complete it every single workday.

Consider also whether you are planning larger meetings during the six months (.e.g. a holiday or a large work project). Are you going to shift your destination to six month + 1 weeks (e.g. one holiday week), proceed with your day-to-day destinations during this time or do something else?

Get started typing! You' re willing to compose your novel after all this! I' m going to need you to write. Do it every single second. Do you want to do a novel this November in thirty working nights? Take part in a free workshops to help you get started preparing for your work. Which obstacles did you encounter in order to achieve a typing target?

When you are a Panster, take fifteen moments to create a history or an article that has been written in the October New Year. If you are finished, tell us your letter in the comment field and give your co-writers your opinion!

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