How do I Write a Book on my computer

Do I need to write a book on my computer?

When you have a computer, you can write a book. This means you have the right tool to write a book. I wrote for this book directly on the computer. I don't type a word, I dictate it to my computer. Make attractive magazines and books without InDesign.

Writing a book on the computer

When you have a computer, you can start writing a work. This means you have the right tools to create a script. If you have the gift or at least the readiness to author a script, you can do it with almost any PC. However, you must be vigilant in setting up a few things so as not to waste your precious little while.

It can be a long task to write a textbook, and you can use your computer to minimise this amount of work. In some cases, it may be necessary to use duplicate spaces or a specific typeface or character sizing. Customize the work by selecting your fonts and text colors from the menu or toolbar.

Be sure to keep your books written. He has more than 10 years of computer literacy and is experienced in scriptwriting, teaching and policy commenting.

Pens and papers

It used to be the first place to type. It is now superseded by the computer. They' often used to make rhetoric, little pieces of storyline, words, wit, things that come to your head..... Disadvantages: The notepad you use for brief fonts will be your first option for recording your tales.

In the opinion of some folks, pills would "conquer" the globe and substitute computer and lap top. You' re typing on a touch screen that is no longer ergonomically correct after a few hour. The tray is ideal for taking down your notebook and can be taken anywhere. Disadvantages: pen and pencil, computer or tray?

Others can tap conveniently for an hour (on the couch or at the desk), others tremble at the thought. Other people prefer to work with a watercolour quill. Next step: the first page of my work.

Writing a book to your phone

Most would-be novelists are frightened by the thought that it will take hundreds of thousands of hours for them to get down and start writing their work. "I' ve got so many bright notions, but when will I ever find the right moment to put them into concrete terms?

However, when so many of us have the ubiquitous smart phone capability, we are given more write and media versatility. I blocked lessons for my writings in the day I wrote naivety. I' d postpone everything until the end of the weeks where I would put aside 5-6 lessons specifically for recording the chapter on chapter, which would certainly be spilling out of my conscious.

The 5-6 hrs I spend in front of my computer were invariably packed with browsing the web, listen to some of the tunes, stare into the emptiness or just dribble on myself. Maybe, maybe I'd just go into a few paragraphs. It' happening in instants of ingenuity.

It' often happens when we're doing something else, in snapshots and ingenious times we've often forgot when we can record them. Postponing any hint I should have written because I later took the necessary steps to start working, I refused to make some great ways of actually making it.

Some time ago we made a long trip to Las Vegas, and I tried hard to make headway on a work I had been working on for two years. While I was typing in a notepad, when the day went down and I had to write some more pausing thoughts, I took out my iPhone and wrote those thoughts in my memo.

Then I kept typing in the memo area of my cello. Throughout the whole week-end it never seemed to me that I was dedicated to my work, but between the happenings and activity, in times of brilliance, I wrote the work. My fingers.

Which do you use most often for your work? Humans can be repugnant to the idea of composing a novel or a play of fiction with their thumb. It may work for some folks, but for many, stagnating in front of a computer monitor is a great way to waste your valuable free day and watch cats' video.

Having something with you all the way to capture your thoughts, suggestions and dialogue allows you to type practically anywhere and in any setting. Trays and notebooks are similar for this type of mobile typing, but only something as small as your cellphone may be with you almost anywhere. Basically, each if you have one or both of your fingers free (or none if you use a voice-to-text function), you can type your text or your work.

Causes you should try to type on your phone: I wrote several novels exclusively with my thumb, I wrote the screenplays for four plays with my thumb, and I am doing this for you. At the end of each story or sequence I am creating, I send me the text by e-mail and then insert it into a Microsoft Wordprogramm.

Alternatively, you can also include your text in the designs of your e-mail. I' ve never been such a prolific author.

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