How do I Write a Book on my computer

Do I need to write a book on my computer?

When you have a computer, you can write a book. This means you have the right tool to write a book. I wrote for this book directly on the computer. I don't type a word, I dictate it to my computer. Make attractive magazines and books without InDesign.

Writing a book on the computer

When you have a computer, you can write a book. This means you have the right tools to write a book. If you have the gift or at least the will to write a book, you can do it with almost any PC. However, you must be vigilant in setting up a few things so as not to waste your precious little while.

It can be a long task to write a book, and you can use your computer to minimise this amount of work. In some cases, it may be necessary to use duplicate spaces or a specific typeface or character sizing. Customize the work by selecting your fonts and text colors from the menu or toolbar.

Be sure to write your book little by little. He has more than 10 years of computer literacy and is experienced in scriptwriting, teaching and policy commenting.

Pens and papers

It used to be the first place to write. It is now superseded by the computer. They' often used to make rhetoric, little pieces of storyline, words, wit, things that come to your head..... Disadvantages: The notepad you use for brief fonts will be your first option for recording your tales.

In the opinion of some folks, pills would "conquer" the globe and substitute computer and lap top. You' re typing on a touch screen that is no longer ergonomically correct after a few hour. The tray is ideal for taking down your notebook and can be taken anywhere. Disadvantages: pen and pencil, computer or tray?

Others can tap conveniently for an hour (on the couch or at the desk), others tremble at the thought. Other people prefer to write with a watercolour quill. Next step: the first page of my book.

Writing a book when you hates to type

I don't type a single note, I just tell my computer. There was no need to buy costly software: Thanks to Google and the new Google Docs speech output, I can now simply add dictation to my computer. Look, I'm a better transcripter than a speaker. I can' t write efficiently with cursive writing, for example.

The connection between my mind and the formulation of phrases with a keypad and not with a stylus dates back 35 years of computer work. Same goes for speech; I am a better author than a orator. It is a daunting task for me to dictate an item to the computer, and I hope that this will enhance my capacity to express my thoughts well.

It is a strenuous, hurtful and time-consuming job for many employees - managers, businessmen, doctors, attorneys - to compose using the keypad, which is better to leave for another workday. Also, because pros are spending most of their times speaking and not typeing, their brain just doesn't work that way that it's computer-ready.

It would be much simpler to dictate a book than to type. It will be stored on your Google drive so that it can be accessed from your cell inbox. When you have an Android device, Docs will appear as one of your applications; just choose it and you're in. In order to use your phone's mic, begin to edit the file so that the keypad appears and click the mic symbol on your keypad.

No matter whether you are editing your file on your computer or on your mobile device, your files are synchronized. Whilst Google does a fairly good job translation of your words, it makes some funkie errors. Using Google Docs doesn't mean you have to buy and install new spreadsheets, you have to waste a long period of your training on how to interpret your speech, or you have to use a DVR and have someone enter it afterwards.

The best part is that you're not bound to your computer - you can tell your mobile whenever you can. Googles Docs helps pros find their inner book and put it on hard copy. For more information on docs and voice typing, click here.

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