How do I Start a Book

Where do I start a book?

You can tell friends or colleagues that you want to start a book club and invite a group of people to your first meeting. Founding a book club requires only a little planning and love for reading. As one dares to begin Corot, Camille Pissarro, Apollinaire, Braque, Picasso, Gauguin, L├ęger, Duchamp: at different points in their life they all express the same yearning - to torch the place. Just think if you were really interested in paintings because you fell in love with some of Raphael's works. These stains, the shaky spots, the one that began as a portraiture of your cats and ended as an image of a stormy clouds.

It was your passion for the perfect that made it terrifying and humbling to do something yourself. If you don't know where to begin, you're often a perfectionist. Generally speaking, we can only begin work when the anxiety of doing nothing at last surpasses the anxiety of doing it bad. So if the anxiety of doing it bad is great, we won't do much.

For Raphael, if you like to be a painters, look not only at the final material, but also at the drawings that show all the efforts that were necessary before perfecting was something of an optional extra. Europe is equally far from Manchester, Nairobi and Moscow (it is about 628 million km from each of them); it has a rust of sea ices; it can have a nucleus of nicke.

You would have 104x the number of anniversaries if you were living on Europe. There' s not much happening in Europe. In the European perspective, the precise nature of the reports you write, the perfect order of your presentations, the excellence (or absence thereof) of the advertising campaigns.... none of this looks very pressing.

I make a big error and something awful happens. There are semicircular anxieties inside the mind that run along as:: I' m not gonna be a pardner unless I do my best work. You have to take your anxiety very seriously, take it down. Isn' t it really the case that the only way to become a law office associate is to always produce excellent reviews?

We have a profoundly ridiculous mind for the way it creates fear. Note down the Laitanies of Terror and then subject them to a reasonable and benevolent examination.

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