How do I Sell my novel

What do I have to do to sell my novel?

Any writer needs a cartel. Like in any industry, to sell something, you have to have a quality product that the public wants to buy. I don't think they're suffocating enough of them. After they publish their books, Coach is: "My book doesn't sell. To all his more than 40 authors he tells: "Sell one book after another.

Selling your first novel with a book

It is not possible for every prospective writer to join Richard and Judy's Book Club. Publishers don't spend as much PR on first authors unless they're featured in Richard and Judy's Book Club or celebrated next. Up to 50,000 readers, according to where you reside, are reading desperately looking for interesting news articles, especially if there is a strong interest in the area.

As well as London, my first novel was performed in Belfast, Southampton, Harrow and Milton Keynes, and the advertising produced from these regional newspapers was priceless because it moved inundations. The same goes for the city' s public transport (have fun) and web pages. The celebrated writer of ten books, Carole Matthews, runs a funny website and a weekly newsletters presenting her funny stories to new and old-timers.

Visit the web sites of Stephen King, Anthony Horowitz, Sarah Webb and Carole Matthews. The novelist and novelist Adrian Magson, who is the creator of No Sleep For The Dead, has sold many works with the kind permission of the German publisher Buch Signings. 3. Featuring his stories on display at the bookstore door, he softly approached clients and asked if they enjoyed his work.

People who read books like to meet writers in their favorite genres. When you' re anxious or timid about sales, Chris Cardell provides insight into how to sell your company. They are very recommendable and free of charge, but if you have the cash, it's definitely a good idea to ask him for it. And I gave 50 prints to my daughter's college. Three pounds to collect them.

Teacher and mum and dad discussed it for week after week and precious advertising made sure that more specimens were on sale. If you' re looking for romance comedies, you have a Valentine's contest. There is a great appreciation and support of contests in the area. Though you will see some jealous of others, most of your mates, relatives and work mates like to buy photocopies. With the above mentioned techniques I bought 1455 pieces of my romance movie Heaven's Délight in the first two month.

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