How do I self Publish my Book

Where can I publish my book?

Would you like to publish your book yourself? Which services do you have to pay for when publishing your first book? From a single copy. Is it worth publishing a book on Amazon's KDP platform? There are many requests from people who are interested in self-publication.

Do I have to publish my book myself?

The decision as to whether you should publish your book yourself or try to find a major publishers can be bewildering. To alleviate these problems, our publication partners Spiderwize have compiled a free downloadable guideline. In order to help you get going, here is an extract from the guideline to help you determine what type of publication you should use.

Depending on what you want to accomplish by releasing your book. When you expect the publishers to take over your book, you prepay before the book is released, you take over the commercialisation of your book; if you are selling your book to distributors/bookstores, then clearly the conventional way of releasing your book is what you are looking for.

We recommend that you send your book to the most appropriate publishing house if you have never tried to publish it with a conventional publishing house and believe that your book could be marketed to a broad public. More and more conventional publishing houses will have more and more power of sourcing. Note that most publishing houses do not directly author contributions.

You can find a listing of the most important publishing houses and agencies in the latest issue of The Artists' and Writers' Year Book, which is available in most bookshops and of course at Amazon. To find a main-line or conventional editor willing to consider your book is like looking for a pin in a heap of hay - so it's probably the best way to find a serious broker.

Agents know which publishing houses are most likely to view your book in relation to genres or categories. There is also a section on the presentation of your manuscripts in the artist and yearbook. Finding a main-line publishing house (or even an agent) can be an arduous task and demands dedication, persistence and the author's strong beliefs that his book is truly sellable.

Previously, the same importance was placed on the qualtity of letter or story telling by conventional publishing houses, while in today's business environment, selling ability is the key selling point for most mainstream publishing houses. So in other words, will the book be sold, and to whom? Repeated rejection by mainstream editors does not mean that your book is not a good book and does not merit publication.

That' s where self-publication comes in and it has been done more than once that a self-published book is finally found by a major publishers who publish it with successfull sells. When your intended audiences are your own families and your community of acquaintances, self-publishing is the most natural way forward.

You can order the book either from your local bookstore (if it has an ISBN number) or from stock that you have bought from the printer/publisher with the author's rebate. If you are lucky, this extract will help you get into the right mood to think about self-publishing, or better said, which itinerary is more suitable for you.

But the most important assumption is that you think about your purpose: Are you working for yourself or for others? Whatever your chosen path, Spiderwize can help you. It is sometimes a matter of reviewing the facts, talking to publishers to see what they can do for you and whether it is right for you.

Keep in mind that businesses want your businesses; ask as many as you want, ask for a visit to their office and print shops, and don't be shy of looking around and talking to other only. Speaking to the writer of Loulabub Zoolabub, Kenny Dowling described his own publication decision after some poor results with mainlines:

They not only printed the book in high standard, but also had an illuminator and graphic artist who could make the book and its figures come alive. Much more than that, once the book was ready, they could buy it worldwide through major corporations such as Amazon, Book Depository, iBooks and Amazon Kindle.

Buyers would also be able to go into major road makes like WH Smith and Waterstones and order my book! You would help market the book by creating placards and markers and even help introduce the book! But of course you are not willing to publish yourself until your book has been published.

Checklist to make sure you know everything about your book (inside and out) so it can be sent to the printer.

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